Purpose of Col(our) template
This template nests the contents in a programmable span tag set, and defaults to displaying the text in blue.
  1. The user may specify five HTML parameters legal within a span class block
    1. The 0th parameter default is the text to display, an error will be generated if none is supplied.
    2. the first, wikimarkup parameter {{{2|blue}}} defaults to blue as shown and makes the string: " color:{{{2|blue}}} " within the span tag.
    3. the 2nd through fifth are vaporware unless specified
      {{{3|}}}; {{{4|}}}; {{{5|}}}; {{{6|}}}; which might take on any colon separated value legal and useful in a style="..." specifier. Some possibilities are font size, face, weights, the span block's background color, margin and padding, centering, vertical alignment, and etc.


  1. {{Col|text stream|red}} -- will display text in Red web color
  2. {{Col|text stream|background:wheat}} -- will display text in blue on a 'wheat' background
  3. {{Col|text stream|yellow|padding:2em|background:brown}}
  4. {{Col|text stream}} -- will display text in the default blue.