This template is used to cite conference paper sources in Wikibooks books.

Usage edit

None of the parameters should be capitalized, in order to avoid the article being tagged as having a broken citation. For example, use "url", "title", etc. - not "URL", "Title", etc. When copying all parameters in either the vertical or horizontal layouts, delete those which are not needed.

Citations within a page should use consistent formats. However, there is no consensus about which format is best.

Common form with author(s) in a single parameter
{{cite conference |url= |title= |author= |authorlink= |coauthors= |date= |publisher= |booktitle= |pages= |location= |id= }}
Common form with first and last
{{cite conference |url= |title= |last1= |first1= |authorlink1= |last2= |first2= |authorlink2= |date= |publisher= |booktitle= |pages= |location= |id= }}
All parameters, horizontal layout
{{cite conference |url= |title= |first= |last= |author= |authorlink= |coauthors= |date= |month= |year= |conference= |conferenceurl= |editor= |others= |volume= |edition= |booktitle= |publisher= |archiveurl= |archivedate= |location= |pages= |format= |id= |isbn= |bibcode= |oclc= |doi= |accessdate= |quote= |ref= |separator= |postscript= |language= |page= |at= |trans_title= }}
All parameters, vertical layout
{{cite conference
| url           =
| title         =
| first         =
| last          =
| author        =
| authorlink    =
| coauthors     =
| date          =
| month         =
| year          =
| conference    =
| conferenceurl =
| editor        =
| others        =
| volume        =
| edition       =
| booktitle     =
| publisher     =
| archiveurl    =
| archivedate   =
| location      =
| pages         =
| format        =
| id            =
| isbn          =
| bibcode       =
| oclc          =
| doi           =
| accessdate    =
| quote         =
| ref           =
| separator     =
| postscript    =
| language      =
| page          =
| at            =
| trans_title   =

Required parameters edit

  • title: Title of article. This title will appear as the citation itself, hyperlinked to the URL (if any)

Optional parameters edit

  • url: URL of the online article or proceedings.
    • format: Format of the page cited, e.g., PDF. Don't specify this for HTML, which is implied as the default.
  • author: Primary author
    • last works with first to produce last, first
    • authorlink works either with author or with last & first to link to the appropriate Wikipedia article. Does not work with URLs.
    • coauthors: allows additional authors
  • a date parameter:
    • either date: Full date of publication. Should not be wikilinked.
    • or year: Year of publication, and month: Name of the month of publication. If you also have the day, use date instead. Should not be wikilinked.
  • conference: Title of the conference.
  • conferenceurl: Website for the conference.
  • booktitle: Title of the collected proceedings, e.g., "Proceedings of the conference organizer"
  • editor: No text is added, so labels such as "(ed.)" have to be supplied by user.
  • others: Other contributors such as "illustrated by Smith" or "trans. Smith".
  • volume: If the proceedings are part of a series.
  • edition: Edition when the proceedings has more than one edition. eg: "2nd edition".
  • publisher: Publisher. Designations such is "Ltd" or "Inc" should not be included.
    • location: Location of the publisher (not the location of the conference). Produces location: publisher (ignored if the publisher field is not used).
  • a page parameter:
    • either page: Page number if a multi-page article and referencing a single page. "page=5" produces p. 5.
    • or pages: Page numbers if a multi-page article and referencing more than one page. "pages=5–7" produces pp. 5–7. This is for listing the pages relevant to the citation, not a total number of pages.
    • or at: When the page prefix is unwanted. "at=Table 5" produces Table 5.
  • language: language of publication (don't specify "English" as this is the default).
    • trans_title: A translated title of the article, in case the original title is in a foreign language. Would normally be used in conjunction with the 'language' parameter.
  • doi: A digital object identifier for the document, such as 10.1038/news070508-7
    • Doilabel: If the doi contains some characters that must be escaped, use "doilabel" for the unescaped version.
  • oclc: Online Computer Library Center ID number, such as 3185581
  • id: Other identifier such as {{LCC|Z253.U69}} or {{ISSN|1111-2220}}
  • archive parameters (if used, must be used both of them together)
    • archiveurl: The URL of an archived copy of the page, if (or in case) the url becomes unavailable. Typically used to refer to services like WebCite and
    • archivedate: Date when the item was archived. Should not be wikilinked.
  • accessdate: Full date when item was accessed. Should not be wikilinked.
  • quote: Relevant quote from online item.
  • ref: ID for anchor. By default, no anchor is generated. The ordinary nonempty value |ref=ID generates an anchor with the given ID; such a linkable reference can be made the target of wikilinks to full references, especially useful in short citations like shortened notes and parenthetical referencing. The special value |ref=harv generates an anchor suitable for the {{harv}} template; see anchors for Harvard referencing templates.
  • separator / postscript: The punctuation to use between fields / at the end of the citation

Examples edit

Wikitext Result
 {{cite conference
 | first = FIRST
 | last = LAST
 | authorlink = Example
 | coauthors = COAUTHORS
 | date = 1996-11-29
 | year = 
 | month = 
 | title = TITLE
 | conference = CONFERENCE
 | conferenceurl =
 | booktitle = BOOKTITLE
 | editor = EDITOR
 | others = OTHERS
 | volume = 1
 | edition = EDITION
 | publisher = PUBLISHER
 | location = LOCATION
 | pages = PAGES
 | url =
 | accessdate = 2006-04-07
 | doi = 1234/5678
 | isbn = 1-111-22222-9

LAST, FIRST; COAUTHORS (1996-11-29). "TITLE". in EDITOR. BOOKTITLE. CONFERENCE. 1. OTHERS (EDITION ed.). LOCATION: PUBLISHER. pp. PAGES. doi:1234/5678. ISBN 1-111-22222-9. Retrieved 2006-04-07. 

 {{cite conference
 | author = AUTHOR
 | authorlink = Example
 | year = 2006
 | month = January
 | title = TITLE
 | booktitle = BOOKTITLE
 | url =
 | accessdate = 2006-04-07
 | isbn = 1-111-22222-9

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