This template is used with {{AM&C-top}} to set off Asset Maintenance & Creation division of the Trainz Wikibook pages.
  • This template closes a <div style=" ..."> HTML block initiated by the {{AM&C-top}} header template. They should be used together as a pair top and bottom of each page.

Options edit

  1. Defining {{{IT|}}}</code> - Will the add the page to auto-Category: [[:category:Introductory Trainz|Introductory Trainz]] for pages when that classification is desirable.<!-- --->{{bullR }} It can be then given the <code><nowiki>{{{TIP}}} parameter to alter the sort order of the page as it would be listed in that category. This will allow threaded pages to be grouped, if desired. TIP overrides (has precedence over) pipe-sort parameter
  2. When and if given a defined {{{FUN}}}</nowiki> parameter, this tool will also categorize the page to Category:Trainz fundamentals pages. This mode will be used in many Introductory Trainz pages, but both TI and FUN need be specified independently.
  3. Defining {{{refs2}}} or {{{both}}} - Will the add the page to auto-Category: category:Trainz reference pages for pages which can also be classified as a general reference page.
  4. Defining {{{domsg|}}} - Will 'do' the same output CC-by-SA-2.0 message box as the template:ORP-bot footer for pages when that source crediting message is needed. Since a page may be a reference but not share materials with the N3V wiki, it does not auto-assert with {{{refs2}}} or {{{both}}} sensing.
  5. define '| cat1=', '| cat2=', or '|cat3=' ({{{cat1|}}})—{{{cat3|}}}) 'some-cat-names' to add those categories to the page (without either "Category:" namespace, nor '[[' or ']]' allowed).
     • (they're provided free of charge along with the default 'pipe sorting' to the Magic word {{SUBPAGENAME}} page ordering, unless {{{1}}} is defined to override for all categorizations.) If different pipe-link sorting is desired, you must hand code categories.
global pipe-sort optional parameter {{{1}}}
  • The tool can be given the {{{1}}} default numeric/place parameter to alter the default sort order of the page as listed in that and the optional categories following below.
  • This is by-definition the first occurring parameter after a pipe but without a preceding '=' equals sign name assignment.
  • This is the same as |1= value as is always true in Wiki-markup language. For example {{AM&C-bot|1=Serial}} is like to {{AM&C|Safety}} to wiki-markup, but the first 'Se" will sort after the 'Sa' in category lists.