Technology Integration In K12 Education

This wikibook will be created by students (5:00 pm - 8:00 pm) in EDL 325 Instructional Technology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for 2010 Fall semester.

Chapter Author
Chapter 1. Technology in Fine Arts Classrooms Anna, Kassandra, & Tosha
Chapter 2. SmartBoards vs White Boards in the Elementary Classroom Courtney, Marcia, & Jessica
Chapter 3. Technology in an Interactive Science Classroom Zach, Jackie, & Josh
Chapter 4. Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom Adele, Leah, & Ken
Chapter 5. Technology in Encore Classrooms Annette, Kelsey, & Chelsea
Chapter 6. Technology in a Special Education Setting Sherri & Carlos
Chapter 7. Adaptive Technology in Special Education Rose, Kathryn, & Shannon
Chapter 8. Digital Storytelling in Social Studies Dustin & Kam
Chapter 9. Challenges of Technology in the Classroom Olivia, Katelyn, & Josh
Chapter 10. Technology in Early Childhood Megan