Technical Book Development/Respondent A

Current Job RoleEdit

How would you describe your current working role?

Preferred learning styleEdit

How would you describe the way you prefer to learn? (vocab: hands-on, methodical, experiential, reflective, pragmatic, eager, lazy, peer-to-peer, group, taught)

Recent Learning TaskEdit

For the purpose of the remainder of the interview, please recall a recent significant learning task in the broad professional area of the software practitioner, and for a few minutes, think back over the learning period before answering.

Learning SubjectEdit

What was the specific subject of the learning activity? (vocab: a language, framework, development approach...)

Learning ObjectiveEdit

What was the purpose of this learning activity? (vocab: to develop, to gain familiarity, to be able to manager others, to teach others, to advise clients, for personal interest .. )

Learning StrategyEdit

How would you describe the learning strategy you adopted?

Resources usedEdit

Using the resource checklist as a starting point, which THREE resources did you use most in this learning activity, in what order and what did you gain from each?


Specifically, what books did you buy or consider buying and how were they used?


How did you maintain focus on the subject without following lots of interesting side-issues?


How did you validate your understanding? How do you know when you know enough?

See One, Do one, Teach oneEdit

What was the proportion of passive learning, active learning and teaching?


What would you change about this learning process with hindsight?

Handing onEdit

What advice would you give to a colleague about to undertake the same learning task?