Technical Analysis/Software

These days many portals provide online charts to do technical analysis. Many of these tools are quite advanced. There are also software available which can produce charts from trading data. These data can be pulled from server or can be made locally available.

Online Charts edit

Most of the stock exchanges have their website where they host the software to plot charts. There are many portals including Yahoo and Google where you can find online charts. Since 2020 charts provided by are widely used.

Charting Software edit

There are many professional charting software available in market. Now a days there are even good open-source software available for creating charts. We will list these software in this section.

Open Source edit

  1. AIO Trade is available under BSD License is based on java.
  2. EclipseTrader is available under Common Public License 1.0 is based on java.
  3. Qtstalker is available under GNU General Public License (GPL) and works on Linux.