Teaching Social Studies in Virtual Space/Cultural Anthropology/Cultural Imperialism/g4

Cultural Imperialism & Global Perspective[1]Edit

Directions: Divide the work up between your group members and remember to cite your sources.

1) What is globalization? How does globalization effect culture?Edit
2) Does U.S. cultural imperialism exist, and, if yes, in what ways?Edit
3) If no, are we simply witnessing the development of a "global" culture that currently happens to be largely influenced by the United States?Edit
4) Or, will increased nationalism maintain separate and distinct cultures, with no one culture being dominant?Edit


  1. Weisner, M., et al. (2002). McDomination: The Americanization of global popular culture. In Discovering the Global Past: A Look at the Evidence. Vol. II: Since 1400. Second Edition. Boston: Houghtin Mifflin Co.