Teach Cough Hygiene Everywhere

This Wikibook supports the Wikiversity course and a new but rapidly growing cause called Teach Cough Hygiene Everywhere. WikiBook editors may be cordially invited into the leadership of that internet entity which was founded by the originating editor of this WikiBook.

Anyone can help create this wikibook. It is designed to support a worldwide campaign to "train the trainers" - people who work as volunteers or professionals interacting with the public. This should be particularly useful to people working with vulnerable populations such as refugees, the homeless, detainees and people living in conditions of poverty.

Remember it is not a matter of if but when another global pandemic will strike!

Contents edit

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 A. What you need to know about viruses

Chapter 2 B. Pathogenic bacteria

Chapter 3 Basic information on infectious disease

Chapter 4 Basic information on epidemics

Chapter 6 Swine flu basics

Chapter 7 Cough Hygiene

Appendix A Miscellaneous Resources

Appendix B CDC.GOV and other US NIH Resources (pending)

Attribution edit

This Wikibook is based upon Wikipedia articles uploaded via Wikimedia Foundation software. The originating editor is Geof Bard who has created WikiBooks and dozens of Wikipedia articles. Geof has extensive background in citizen participation in public health policy-making and is an incumbent member of an intergovernmental agency addressing conditions affecting homeless/houseless individuals and the community.

You do NOT need to be an expert to help with the WikiBook process. We always need photos, proof reading and copywriting. You are encouraged to add your name to this section if you contribute to the WikiBook. Please feel free to add nice relevant material from the public domain such as US, Canadian, English, Australian and New Zealand websites and to translate this into Spanish, French and other languages. If you are new to WikiBooks, you can either start editing or create an account as explained in our Help section.


How to help edit

You may edit this section with your ideas. A good place for information is the World Health Organization and also the US Center for Disease Control.