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Taxation in the United Kingdom/Legislation

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Links to a narrative description of relevant tax legislation for 2005-06 are below. Note that this is NOT the legislation itself, which is available from OPSI (see


Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988Edit

 Part I - The charge to taxEdit

 Corporation taxEdit

Section 6 - The charge to corporation tax and exclusion of income tax and capital gains
Section 7 - Treatment of certain payments and repayment of income tax
Section 8 - General scheme of corporation tax
Section 9 - Computation of income: application of income tax principles
Section 11 - Companies not resident in the United Kingdom
Section 11AA - Determination of profits attributable to permanent establishment
Section 12 - Basis of, and periods of, assessment

 Small companies' rateEdit

Section 13 - Small companies' relief
Section 13ZA - Interpretation of section 13(7)
Section 13AA - Corporation tax starting rate
Section 13AB - The non-corporate distribution rate (repealed for distributions made on or after 1 April 2006)
Section 13A - Close investment-holding companies

 Advance corporation taxEdit

Section 14 - Advance corporation tax and qualifying distributions

 The six schedulesEdit

Section 15 - Schedule A
Section 18 - Schedule D

 Part II - Provisions relating to the Schedule A chargeEdit


Section 21A - Computation of amount chargeable
Section 21B - Application of other rules applicable to Case I of Schedule D
Section 21C - The Schedule A charge and mutual business
Section 24 - Construction of Part II

 Deductions and other allowancesEdit

Section 30 - Expenditure on making sea walls

 Premiums, leases at undervalue etc.Edit

Section 34 - Treatment of premiums etc. as rent
Section 35 - Charge on assignment of lease granted at an undervalue
Section 36 - Charge on sale of land with right to reconveyance
Section 37 - Premiums paid etc.: deductions from premiums and rent received
Section 37A - Section 37(4) and reductions in receipts under ITTOIA 2005
Section 38 - Rules for ascertaining duration of leases
Section 39 - Saving for pre-1963 leases, and special relief for individuals

 Supplementary provisionsEdit

Section 40 - Tax treatment of receipts and outgoings on sale of land
Section 42 - Appeals against determinations under sections 34 or 36 or Chapter 4 of Part 3 of ITTOIA 2005
Section 42A - Non-residents and their representatives

 Part III - Government securitiesEdit

 Government securities and tax reserve certificatesEdit

Section 46 - Savings certificates and tax reserve certificates
Section 49 - Stock and dividends in name of Treasury etc.

 Government securities: Treasury directions for payment without deduction of taxEdit

Section 50 - United Kingdom securities: Treasury directions for payment without deduction of tax
Section 51 - Treasury directions as respects Northern Ireland securities
Section 51AA - Commencement of direction under section 50 or 51

 Part IV - Provisions relating to the Schedule D chargeEdit


 Schedule A1 - Determination of profits attributable to permanent establishment: supplementary provisions
 Schedule A2 - Corporation tax: the non-corporate distribution rate: supplementary provisions (now repealed)

00%.svgFinance Act 2002Edit

00%.svgFinance Act 2003Edit

00%.svgFinance Act 2004Edit

00%.svgFinance Act 2005Edit