Tanchangya Cuisine

In these days we could find American cuisine, French, Italian, Japanese, Burmese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and thousands more cuisines around the world. They have their own way of cuisine in terms of ingredients and amount of adding in the curry. Similarly, Tanchangya cuisine also unique, they cook with some common simple ingredients. There are many ways of cuisine in Tanchangya. However, here are some cuisines we could commonly find in the kitchen.

Suma dukyaEdit

It is one of the most delicious Tanchangya cuisine found in the Tanchangya kitchen. This type of cooking can be any kind of vegetable or meat and even fish. It is cooked with bamboo by heating in the fire. This type of cooking is tastier and properly cooked. While meat is cook, the meat becomes properly cooked and becomes delicious. But the most common of this type of cooking is proportionally added chilly with fish paste, salt and coriander. But all the ingredient spices are not added in every kind of this type of cooking. For example in the case of fish, ginger of coriander should be added to drive out the bad smell of fish and to make it delicious. Thus, depending on curry the ingredients are added according to the cuisine of Tanchangya.

Pogoin guyaEdit

This type of cuisine is commonly cooked such as banana, pumpkin, beet, yam and so forth. This is more like boiling with water. One can find a big difference between steaming and boiling after eating of the same item. It is heat with the water vapour unlike boiling directly dipping in the water. This is indeed delicious cuisine.


This cuisine is similar kind of cooking with other curry. But the difference is only the additional grinding rice powder is added in the curry. Due to this ingredient the curry soup becomes thick and the curry also becomes properly cook. Commonly this cuisine is cooked some vegetable such as bamboo shoot, and a kind of ingredient spicy. This cuisine is very delicious due to rice grinding powder and proper cooking. This curry is normally cooked in the winter season.

Hawla guyaEdit

This cuisine type is like fry. This can be with oil or without oil. Although it is cooked with certain amount of water but it is cooked until all soup dry. It is delicious too with little more amount of salt. It is cooked normally the bitter gourd and so on.


It is a kind of cooking system in Tanchangya kitchen called grill in English. . It is cooked directly heat under high temperature. In fact, before heating, ingredient of turmeric, salt, and even chilly is added in the curry. Fish, meat, and some green vegetable of egg-plant, are usually cooked under this category of cooking. This cooking is tasty since it cooks only with its available water amount of the curry. Usuna It is just boiling of the curry. It is particularly boiled the green vegetable. Sometime by adding proper amount of salt in the curry with little amount of water, it becomes good tasty soap. This is commonly found in the Tangchangya kitchen. By boiling green vegetable and chili paste, they enjoy their lunch meal. Although, in any meal this curry is found, particullary we can find in the lunch meal. They eat sometime only with boil green vegetable and chili paste.

Jul guyaEdit

This type of curry is cooked almost all kinds of curry with the addition of fish paste, chili, salt, and other spicy ingredients. This is tasty indeed, by leaving some amount of water in the curry. This type of cooking is whether meat, fish or vegetable.