• Scope: This Wikibook intends to teach you how to speak, read and write in Tamil language. It tries to explain the language elements more with examples phrases than standard linguistic terms. This will favor the common people having little or no knowledge in linguistics. On completion of reading this book, you should be able to read, write and speak Tamil with confidence. However, fluent speech may require time and practice.
  • Purpose: The main objective of this Wikibook is to teach you the Tamil language in an easier way. It is a common fact that learning a new language is really very painful. For that reason, this Wikibook adopts keep-it-simple principle to familiarize you with the language in a simple manner.
  • Audience: Anyone who wishes to learn Tamil language, those who travels to India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, and those who thinks learning the mother tongue (Tamil in this case) of ones lover could worth it.
  • Organization: As the Tamil language enjoys diglossia, this Wikibook is divided into two separate parts - one for spoken variant and the another for written variant (which is also spoken, even now, for formalism). Each part contains independent lessons which are ordered chronologically from lesson 1, lesson 2 and so on.
  • Narrative: With sufficient, fetching and thorough examples and dialogs, this Wikibook teaches the language in a unique manner. Although, this Wikibook is not a grammar book, it adopts hidden way of teaching grammar (which cannot be neglected in language tutorial books) with real-time dialogs and explanations. A base vocabulary is held through out the lessons so as to make you to really memorize the words without pain!
  • Style: Although this Wikibook abides the spelling rules of American English, it tries to keep its English international. The Tamil taught here is generally Indian Tamil, though regional differences are introduced wherever possible. Every lesson starts with a real-time conversation (first in Tamil and then in English) which includes key grammar concepts and vocabulary. On the end of each lesson, a brief summary explains what has been achieved yet.