Tagalog/How to use this Tagalog Wikibook

The Tagalog Wikibook is designed to be user-friendly and versatile, yet be able to maintain quality. For those who are curious about how the Tagalog Wikibook works, this guide will tell you the Wikibook's structure and its functions.

Lessons are designed to provide a gradual learning experience and, as such, all lessons are in a logical order from the last lesson, building on what was previously learned.

Balangkás (Structure)Edit

Lessons in the Tagalog Wikibook are divided into the following parts:

  • Diálogo (Dialogue)
  • Talasalitaan (Vocabulary)
  • Aralín (Lesson, the lesson proper)
  • Gawain (Exercise)

Exercises are coming soon, so watch out as the book is updated.

Diálogo (Dialogue)Edit

Every lesson (except Lesson 0) contains a unique dialogue related to the topic the lesson will discuss. An interesting thing is that no two dialogues will have the same people.

All dialogues are in two languages: the Tagalog original and the translation of the dialogue into English.

Talasalitaan (Vocabulary)Edit

Every lesson also contains a list of words used in the dialogue called the talasalitaan or vocabulary. Words are bulleted and are in the order they were presented in. In the event that a word appears more than once, the word is put in the order it was in when it was first presented in the dialogue.

When reading the vocabulary list, note that the Tagalog word comes first before the English translation of the word.

Aralín (Lesson)Edit

The aralín, or lesson, is the lesson proper which discusses the topic being covered. The lesson proper is then split into "mini-lessons" where such subjects are covered in more detail.

Each lesson contains an explanation of the lesson and the mini-lesson (if applicable) and some examples on the lesson itself, such as pictures, text and others.

The lessons cover the grammar usage on the topic and as such are reflected in the examples.

Gawain (Exercise)Edit

Every lesson will contain an exercise on what was learned from the lesson. The exercises provide an opportunity to study Tagalog independently before moving on to the next lesson.

Currently, exercises are still being devised and will be added when completed.

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