Tagalog/History of the Tagalog Wikibook

Each succeeding evolution of the Tagalog Wikibook has brought new promise over itself. This is a history of this Wikibook.


On May 18, 2005, a new Wikibook came on the scene: the Filipino Wikibook. Started by an anonymous user (whose IP address at the time was, the book only contained a link to the Tagalog Wikipedia page, a Wikipedia page on the languages of the Philippines, and the three basic conditional greetings now covered in Lesson 1 (good morning, good afternoon and good evening and how are you?). For a Wikibook it was very small, but a stepping stone towards the current book.

First editsEdit

The first edit of the new Filipino Wikibook came nearly a month later after the inception of this Wikibook: on June 11, 2005. Another anonymous user (whose IP address was at the time) added more greetings, such as gender and gratitude (lalaki/babae and salamat).

The next eight edits came sixteen days after the very first edit (all within two days, from June 27-28, 2005): it added on pronouns and information on Tagalog nouns (now a separate lesson). These were contributed by Jondel.

More editsEdit

The next collection of edits by anonymous users and users Aya and Lotusduck were mainly cosmetic changes and some information additions. It was also here that the book's first lesson was conceived: the lesson spawned ideas on common Filipino greetings. It was also during these edits that, in a move towards consensus, the Filipino Wikibook was renamed the Tagalog Wikibook.

Major revampEdit

A few months after the last edit, on February 9, 2006, a major revamp of the Tagalog Wikibook was established over the course of two weeks by user Akira123323. The old book structure was scrapped (except the nouns and markers section, which was moved) and a new structure adopted to better suit the book. More lessons, grammar lessons, literature and introductions, though at first blank, were added, and eventually were filled. The book was also partially written in Tagalog (such as titles) during this period.

Another revamp came when the main Tagalog Wikibook page was changed: the table of contents moved to its own page and the main page giving the title page. Currently, there are 12 main lessons (four have been written) and 13 grammar lessons (two written), as well as literature.

Eventually, pages were moved to conform to the preferred Wikibooks structure by user Jguk near the end of February 2006. This led to the present book.

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