Tagalog/Appendix B

This is a list of country names in Tagalog. Many countries (bansâ, similar to bangsa in Malay and Indonesian) have corresponding names in Tagalog, which are mostly derived from Spanish and spelled according to Tagalog spelling conventions, and which are pronounced as they would normally be in Spanish. Some countries meanwhile have native Tagalog equivalents, and others are borrowed from English, but spelled according to Tagalog conventions and whose pronunciation would be similar to their Spanish counterparts. Still other countries meanwhile don't have names in Tagalog, and as such use their English names.

Tagalog country names are not encountered colloquially, where English names are commonly used. However, they are used in formal documents, correspondence, speech and literature written in Tagalog.

Flag of the Philippines.svg Flag of the United States.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Spain.svg
Pilipinas Estados Unidos Nagkakaisang Kaharian Alemanya Espanya
Flag of Mexico.svg Flag of Egypt.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of New Zealand.svg Flag of Australia.svg
Mehiko Ehipto Italya Bagong Selanda Australya
Flag of Japan.svg Flag of Canada.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Turkey.svg Flag of South Korea.svg
Hapon Kanada Pransiya Turkiya Timog Korea
Flag of Singapore.svg Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of Mongolia.svg Flag of Cyprus.svg Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg
Singgapura Brasil Monggolya Tsipre Tsina
Flag of Norway.svg Flag of Romania.svg Flag of Greece.svg Flag of Vietnam.svg Flag of East Timor.svg
Noruwega Rumanya Gresya Biyetnam Silangang Timor
Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg Flag of Sweden.svg Flag of Russia.svg Flag of Cuba.svg
Taylandiya Arabyang Saudi Suwesya Rusya Kuba
Flag of Finland.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Indonesia.svg Flag of Chile.svg
Pinlandiya Olanda Arhentina Indonesya Tsile
Flag of South Africa.svg Flag of Denmark.svg Flag of Venezuela.svg Flag of Poland.svg Flag of India.svg
Timog Aprika Dinamarka Benesuwela Polonya Indiya
Flag of Albania.svg Flag of Ecuador.svg Flag of Ukraine.svg Flag of Cambodia.svg Flag of Qatar.svg
Albanya Ekwador Ukranya Kambodya Katar
Flag of Algeria.svg Flag of Bolivia.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of Jordan.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg
Alherya Bulibya Belhika Hordan Suwisa