TI 83 Plus Assembly/Memory

Main memory map edit

The basic memory map of the TI-83+ looks like this:

  • $0000–$3FFF: Boot ROM page (fixed)
  • $4000–$7FFF: Swappable Memory block A
  • $8000–$BFFF: Swappable Memory block B
  • $C000-$FFFF: Swappable RAM block

You generally won't care about what's in $0000–$7FFF, and I wouldn't try changing anything in that range. Unless you're writing a Flash app, which executes in $4000-$7FFF. $8000–$FFFF is the calculator's RAM and contains fixed locations, fixed variables, and Flags used by the OS. IY should always point to these flags so do not mess with IY unless you know what you're doing. Know however that PUSH and POP change the memory at $C000-$FFFF, and that you can NOT execute in this area.

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