TI 83 Plus Assembly/Alternate Methods

There are many different environments that can be used to develop calculator programs using z80 assembly. Here are a few more options.

Brass Edit

Brass is an assembler targeted at the TI-83+ by Benjamin Ryves. It can be found on his blog, Ben Ryves Blog

Zilog Developer Studio Edit

ZDS is the official IDE from Zilog for working with their processors. You need to do some work to get an environment, but it is fully featured. It is known to be used by Drew DeVault and Brandon Wilson in the community.

Spasm-ng Edit

Spasm-ng is an open source assembler for z80/ez80 assembly code for Windows, Mac OS, Debian-based distros, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. (However, spasm-ng v0.5-beta 3 isn't updated for Mac OS currently.) It comes in x86 and x64 bit architecture, unlike devpac8x, a 16-bit application. Spasm-ng was forked by Albert Huang from the SPASM project, made by Spencer Putt and Don Straney, with additional development by Chris Shappell and James Montelongo, to fix some bugs and add extra features. (ez80 support later added by Brendan Fletcher.) Pre-built binaries and source code can be found on Albert Huang's GitHub.

Syntax: Edit

spasm [options] <input file> <output file>

Options: Edit

  • -E = Assemble eZ80 code
  • -T = Generate code listing
  • -C = Code counter mode
  • -L = Symbol table mode
  • -S = Stats mode
  • -O = Don't write to output file
  • -I [directory] = Add include directory
  • -A = Labels are case-sensitive
  • -D<name>[=value] = Create a define 'name' [with 'value']
  • -N = Don't use colors for messages
  • -V <Expression> = Pipe expression directly into assembly

On-Calc Methods Edit

Some people enjoy programming directly on their calculators. This is not as easy, or as supported as elsewhere, but it is possible. One option is to learn to code in pure hex and use TIOS to compile it. Another option is OTBP Assembler, which can be found at TI-Calc. An on-calc IDE called Mosaic is in development as well.

Setting Up Your Environment Edit

Setting up to develop for the TI-83+ in assembly can be a daunting task. However, there is almost always someone willing to help. You can find help at #ti on IRC (efnet) or at one of the various calculator forums.