{TOCright}} This page is to identify and detail the differences between the TI-83 and the TI-86 graphing calculators. The sections below will detail the differences in keyboard layout, differences in keystrokes, and differences in functionality.


List menuEdit

The LIST menu is the 2nd function on the subtraction key.

Stat menuEdit

The Stat menu is the 2nd function on the addition key.

List Edit menuEdit

The List Edit menu can be accessed by two different routes. From the List menu it is at F4. From the Stat menu it is at F2. The lists originally displayed are the ones that are used for the statistical calculations: xStat, yStat, and fStat.

Key locationsEdit

Curly BracketsEdit

The curly brackets are in the LIST menu.


The comma key is left of the 4 key.


Saving values in a variableEdit

Pressing the STO> key on the TI-86 puts the calculator into Caps Lock mode. Since most variable names are made up of letters, this is considered handy by most TI-86 users.

List variable namesEdit

Any variable name can be used for a list. Most people avoid single letter names, for they are mostly used for numeric varables. Press the STO> key and type in the list name.