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TI-Basic Z80 Programming/List of Commands/Output

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The Output() function is used for displaying values or strings on the home screen. Output can be controlled by changing 3 values inside the function, which are:

  • Row (vertical value)
  • Column (horizontal value)
  • String or value to display

Output requires certain syntax: Output(row,column,value).


In this example, the calculator would display WIKIBOOKS at 2 rows down (from the top of the screen)and 6 columns over (from the left of the screen). Notice that to display a string (i.e. WIKIBOOKS), one must enclose the string in quotation marks. Make sure to separate values of row column and display value with commas.

Notes about Output()Edit

  • You do not need to end Output() with an end parenthesis.
  • To display a numerical value, do NOT place quotes around the value, as it is not a string.
  • Only one value can be displayed per Output() statement.