TI-Basic Z80 Programming/List of Commands/Archive

Archive Variable
Accessible only through catalog by pressing 2nd+0
Note: Only available through the home screen. Trying to use syntax will produce error.

Work-a-round: Type the following into a program variable of your choice:


Return to the home screen and type the following, then press enter:


Once compiled, you can call this program from one of your programs, which will allow you to Archive and UnArchive variables. If you do use it, remember to call this program again, after you are done doing whatever. Also, it will allow you to use the catalog to enter a snippet of code to test out, such as an If and Then, and even Labels.

For the Assembly Programmer: This small program toggles the parser flag. When the system executes an instruction, it checks the state of the parser flag to see if it is currently running a basic program. If you ask me, that was a stupid thing they did, because it removes functionality from programs and the home screen. If the parser flag is set, you cannot Archive or UnArchive, but if it is reset, you cannot test small snippets of code from the home screen.