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TI-Basic Z80 Programming/Input

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Input functions accept data from the calculator's user. Input and output functions can be found under PRGM:I/O.


Input, PRGM:I/O:1, accepts both keyboard and graph point data. Its general form is :Input [Str# variable].

Input without a variable will open the current graph and pause the program. The arrow keys can be used to move the cursor. When ENTER is pressed, the variables X and Y will be updated with the (X,Y) position of the cursor. In PolarGC mode, R and &theta will be updated instead.

If a variable follows Input, the program will accept a value from the keyboard and store it in the variable when ENTER is pressed.

If the format :Input "string",variable is used, the calculator will display up to 16 user-defined characters before accepting input. If Strn is used, Strn is string number n, accessed with VARS:7(String):n. Note that "text" must be contained in quotation marks (ALPHA:+).


:Disp X,Y

Returns the (X,Y) coordinates of the graph cursor.

:Input A
:Disp A

Accepts a value from the keyboard, stores it in the variable called A, and displays it.

:Input "APPLES",A
:Disp A

Displays what the program is looking for, accepts and stores a numeric value from the keyboard in the variable called A. Then A is displayed.

Prompt (not recommended)Edit

Prompt, PRGM:I/O:2, is of the form :Prompt variableA[,variableB,...,variable n]. Prompt displays the variable name followed by =? for each variable, waiting for keypad input followed by ENTER before continuing. Each value entered is stored in its respective variable.

:Prompt A
:Disp "Value is ", A

Displays the following:

A=?5       (Assuming the user inputs 5)
Value is

Please note: Since prompt is not customizable, it should never be used in a program intended for distribution. Use Input instead.

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