TI-Basic 89 Programming/Introduction


The purpose of this section of the TI-Basic Wikibook is to explore the capabilities of the TI-89 series (TI-89/Titanium, TI-92/+, Voyage 200) with the built-in interpreter. It is recommended to read through the guide from the beginning in order to build a strong understanding of the language and its applications. This section is devoted entirely to the Motorola 68k version of TI-Basic, which is more powerful than the Z80 version. For information on TI-Basic for the Z80 series, see TI-Basic Z80 Programming.


TI-Basic is a simple interpreted language used on Texas Instruments graphing calculators, which can be used to rapidly automate equations or algorithms. However, as an interpreted language, it is generally not fast enough for a game, so for anything requiring fast processing, assembly language is required. This is, however, outside the scope of this Wikibook. Even though the language is slow, for most purposes it will serve admirably.

Differences between Versions of TI-BasicEdit

  • The version of TI-Basic for the 83-type calculators (73 Explorer, 83/+/SE, 84/+/SE) is less powerful, and also less integrated into the calculator itself. However, it is still powerful enough to automate most functions.
  • The version for the 89-series (89/Titanium, 92/+, Voyage 200), which is more powerful and more heavily integrated into the calculator. For this section of the TI-Basic Wikibook, this is the version that will be focused upon.