Swahili/Lesson One

Tourist Greetings edit

(Taken from http://mwanasimba.online.fr/E_index.html)


This is a word that means "hello". The answer to this is just to repeat the word back to the person whom you are talking to. "Jambo!"


Are you fine? This is how you ask that question. Again, to answer this, one simply repeats the word: "Salama!"

Mambo Vipi?

How are things? To answer this, you could respond with, "Salama", meaning fine, or with Safi or Poa tu, which mean cool.

Habari gani?

How are you? To answer this, just reply with the words listed above, or "Nzuri", which is good.

Authentic Greetings edit


How are you?
Sijambo! -I am fine.


How are you? (Plural)
Hatujambo -We are fine.


My respects. (To an older person)
Marahaba -Thank you

Greetings edit

Hujambo? "How are you?" (lit. What things?)
Sijambo "I am fine"
Unaendeleaje? "How's it going?" (lit. How are you going?)
Unaitwa nani? "What is your name?" (lit. Who are you called?)
Ninaitwa Mustafa."My name is Mustafa."
Habari za Mohammed? "How is Mohammed?" (lit. News of Mohammed?)
Nzuri. "Good."
Habari za asubuhi? "How are you this morning?"

Personal pronouns edit

Mimi I
Wewe you
Yeye  he/she
Sisi we
Nyinyi/ninyi You
Wao they