Sustainable Consumption and Production

What is this about?

UNEP/WI Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production


The Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP) provides scientific support to activities undertaken by UNEP and other organisations in the field of SCP. This support includes the development, testing, implementation and monitoring of concrete projects, especially in developing countries, which will enable these countries to leapfrog to sustainable consumption and production patterns using life cycle thinking and regional perspectives as guiding principles.

In this respect the Centre supports the integration of environmental, social and cultural concerns into decision making at the level of national governments, regional and local authorities, the private sector, and consumer groups.

The Centre works on the exchange of experiences with partners in both developing and developed countries, with support for capacity building and training approaches as an integral part of its programmes.

The Idea Factory: How it began

The CSCP Idea Factory is a regular meeting of the members of the CSCP team, where new ideas are brainstormed. One of these ideas was to create an interactive Book where experts and other interested people can contribute.

The Book: Short background information

The future book is intended to be for the interested reader. No technical background is necessary, but it might be helpful in some parts.

How you can contribute

If you are an expert on any of the subjects below or have a very keen interest, please
feel free to contribute. You can do so by adding articles, article titles that might
spark ideas or even just some ideas, like keywords or titles of interesting studies that
you have read.

Sustainable Consumption and Production: The Book

Chapter 1: Introduction

From policy to practice

What is the Marrakech Process?

Marrakech Task Forces

What is Sustainable Consumption and Production?

Chapter 2: Sustainable Consumption and Production for National and Local Development

Capacity building to tackle national and local development needs

Cooperation for implementing SCP

Chapter 3: Changing Individual and Institutional Patterns of Consumption

Innovative strategies to promote sustainable lifestyles

On the road to Sustainable Lifestyles

Chapter 4: Encouraging Responsible Industrial Development

Support for enterprises to undertake corporate environmental and social responsibility