Sustainable Business


Thank you for your interest in Sustainable Business - a handbook for starting a business.

This wikibook is based around The business plan, which is made ready as a template for you to use to plan your own business. We have incorporated sustainability planning throughout. To help you prepare your business plan, we have authored a range of supporting Booklets. These are small informative booklets that give some advice, examples or background thinking for the relevant sections of the business plan. If you prefer reading print, you can download a PDF or order a bound book from PediaPress. Before you start, we strongly suggest you read the Booklet, Sustainable business practice. This will help you to understand the sustainability references throughout the business plan more clearly.

Credits edit

Sustainable business - a handbook for starting a business is based on 2 books put out by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise: Starting a business and Planning for Success. Additions and edits have been made by Otago Polytechnic for the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Management Fund. Thanks to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise for the copyrights to create this derivative.

Project management: Leigh Blackall
Sustainability content: Leanne Holdsworth
Graphic design: Sunshine Connelly

Thanks also to Chris Young and Ella Lawton for early drafts, and to Terry Marler for administrative support.

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