Surgical Procedures/Abdominal Surgery


  • Operation by which abdominal cavity is opened.
  • A large incision is through the abdominal wall, made to operate on or view the abdominal contents.

Types of Laprotomy edit

  1. Therapeutic Laprotomy:
    • Is performed to inspect abdominal cavity.
    • Is performed to manipulate with internal organs.
  2. Diagnostic Laprotomy:
    • Is performed to establish final diagnosis.
    • Is performed to surgically excise pathological formation.
      • E.g usually tumors.
  3. Probatoric Laprotomy:

Incisions edit

1. Vertical Incisions. a) Medial Incision: o Commonest incision due to:  Wide incision which gives more  Is performed in: • White line of Abdomen. • Lateral to Umbilicus. o Is performed not to disturb Round Ligament of Liver. Depending on the relation with Umbilicus, vertical incisions are known as:  Superior Medial Incision.  Inferior middle Medial Incision.