Supplementary mathematics/Applied mathematics

Applied mathematics is a science that is used to apply mathematical methods in various fields such as physics, engineering, medicine, biology, finance, business, computer science and industry. Therefore, applied mathematics is a combination of mathematical sciences and specialized sciences. The term "applied mathematics" also describes a professional specialty in which mathematicians work on practical and scientific problems by formulating, studying, and thinking about mathematical models.

In the past, practical applications have also motivated the development and progress of mathematical theories, which then led to the invention of the science of pure mathematics, where abstract concepts are studied for their own sake and have exceptional methods. Therefore, the activity of applied mathematics is closely related to research in pure mathematics. Applied mathematics has concepts that are used in specialized fields. This topic has even been used in mathematics itself, for example, physical objects in nature. can be mentioned in geometry, slope length in differential and integral calculus, etc. It can be said that applied mathematics by discovering in physics, theories, etc It can be used.