Super Smash Bros. series strategy guide/Characters/Master Hand

Master Hand is a fictional video game character from Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series. It appears in both Super Smash Bros. and its sequel, Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is presumed that Master Hand will also appear in the series' forthcoming third game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Also, Master Hand makes several appearances in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror as a miniboss, and partnered with Crazy Hand as the boss(es) of Candy Constellation.

It is a giant white glove, similar to those that Mario himself wears. It is a right-hand glove, and it moves about by floating, with an unknown method of propulsion. General knowledge states that it is a villain, as it appears as the final boss of each game. Master Hand also has a corresponding left glove, Crazy Hand, who appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee when certain conditions are met.

The games have revealed that the Hands are a tiny link between the real world and the imaginary world in which the Smash Bros. games take place. This fits into the constant implications that the battling characters in the game are actually nothing more than toys. While Master Hand is the game's greatest opponent, it is also interesting to note that the game suggests that it gives the characters their life, a theory supported by the fact that all characters revert to their statue state when they defeat it. Whether Master Hand is merely the hand of a child with a toy collection and an overactive imagination, or a real entity with actual power is unknown.

In battle, Master Hand uses a variety of attacks, most of them related to its shape and size: it dwarfs the characters, slapping, punching, and throwing them around the platform. There are some exceptions, such as its ability to fire missiles similar to Bullet Bills and fire laser beams. Because of its size and ability to fly, it cannot be thrown off the platform as normal characters are. Instead, it has a set amount of HP which the player must bring to zero. Also, Master Hand becomes more powerful as its HP drops, as opposed to regular characters who become weaker as they accumulate damage. Master Hand's counterpart, Crazy Hand, also possesses these characteristics; however, Crazy Hand has a greater library of abilities than Master Hand (Including other strange attacks, such as dropping bombs, as well as having different effects: for instance, Master Hand's "poke" attack simply deals damage, but when Crazy Hand uses it, it freezes the target in ice on contact) and can team up with Master Hand to use still more attacks (There are three: Both hands punch together, both hands clap together, and Crazy Hand punches into Master Hand's palm. The former two begin with releasing a sleeping gas to prevent escape). Furthermore Crazy Hand is far more sporadic in combat, often prone to lengthy periods of inactivity. Crazy Hand is characterized by its twitching fingers, and is described as being the manifestation of a childish desire to destroy one's creations for amusement.


Slap - Master Hand smashes the stage with his palm from behind. This buries the opponent upon impact.

Poke - Master Hand pokes the air, and hopefully hits his target three times.

Punch - Master Hand simply punches the ground.

Smack - Master Hand slaps the stage, but not from behind, and can be damaged while charging up.

Sweep - Master Hand moves across the stage, attacking everything along the way.

Flick - Master Hand flicks the stage, much like sweep, but the attack comes in three bursts, instead of being one big attack.

Drill - Master Hand drills the opponent into the stage. This attack is rarely fatal, but does tremendous amounts of damage.

Rocket Punch - Master Hand punches from behind the stage.

Rocket Grind - Master Hand rockets from behind the stage, and attempts to obliterate the target.

Lasers - Master Hand fires lasers from his fingertips, though only the endpoints hurt.

There are also three combination moves that are used in conjunction with Crazy Hand. They are predictable because Crazy Hand will twitch his fingers violently with small purple dots all around him right before any of the three attacks.

Double Punch - Master Hand and Crazy Hand punch together.

Fist - Crazy Hand punches into Master Hand's open palm.

Applause - Master Hand and Crazy Hand clap several times after releasing sleeping gas.

Playable Master HandEdit

Master Hand also can be playable, but not without an Action Replay. Also, only the controller in the GameCube's Socket 3 can control him. Crazy Hand can be playable also when plugged into controller socket 4. There have been many hoaxes created for unlocking Master Hand without an Action Replay, all of them false.

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