Super Smash Bros. Melee/Secret characters

Unlocking Secret CharactersEdit

There are a total of eleven secret characters to unlock. Each character has two ways to be unlocked; one way is unique while the other involves you playing a certain number of Versus Mode matches. You can unlock any character by doing either; you don't have to do both. Special Mode and quitted matches don't add up to your VS Mode match total. The secret characters are listed in order of how many VS. Mode matches it takes to unlock them. To view how many VS. Mode matches you've completed, go to Data: Melee Records: Misc. Records. In the seventh row will be "VS. Play Match Total."


Jigglypuff is the first character you'd unlock in the original Super Smash Bros, and will probably be the first one you'll unlock in this game.

  • Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode once with any character with or without using a continue.
  • Play 50 Versus Mode matches.

Dr. MarioEdit

Dr. Mario is an almost exact clone of Mario, but because he's so easy to unlock you probably won't be bothered too much by that.

  • Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with Mario without using a continue. However if you don't have Jigglypuff unlocked already, doing so will unlock her first, and you'll have to do it again to unlock Dr. Mario.
  • Play 100 Versus Mode matches.


Pichu is possibly one of the weakest characters in the game and is a clone of Pikachu. It takes a lot of effort to unlock it the unique way, so doing the considerably easier VS. Mode mission may be preferred for such a weak character.

  • Clear Event Match #37: Legendary Pokémon. Note that to even reach this event match, you'll have to complete all 30 previous event matches and have Jigglypuff, Falco, Young Link and Luigi already unlocked.
  • Play 200 Versus Mode matches.


Falco is a clone of Fox, with some important differences (including the difference in speeds, lasers, reflector properties, and distance gained by recoveries).

  • Clear the 100-Man Melee with any character.
  • Play 300 Versus Mode matches.


Marth is a character from the previously Japanese-only series Fire Emblem. All his moves involve his sword (except his grabs) and he speaks Japanese.

  • Use all fourteen of the initial non-secret characters in Versus Mode at least once.
  • Play 400 Versus Mode matches.

Young LinkEdit

Young Link is unsurprisingly a clone of Link, except slightly more agile and less powerful.

  • Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with ten different characters. Winning with Link and Zelda/Sheik may be needed as well, but that is unverified.
  • Play 500 Versus Mode matches.


Ganondorf is very slow and powerful, but otherwise he is a clone of Capt. Falcon. He is the only clone to not be part of the same series as the one he is cloned from. He is connected to the Legend of Zelda cast by being one square above Young Link, making him the only character to be joined to his party by columns.

  • Clear Event Match #29: Triforce Gathering, which features Ganondorf.
  • Play 600 Versus Mode matches.


Mewtwo is thankfully a very unique character. His telekinetic powers make for some interesting fights, and he will be worth the time necessary to unlock him.

  • Play a total 20 hours of Versus Mode, or play a total of 20 hours of Single Player Mode. To see how long you've played VS. Matches, go to Data: Melee Records: Misc. Records. In the fifth row will be "VS. Play Time."
  • Play 700 Versus Mode matches.

Note: With four people playing, only five hours of play time are required because each player's play time is added to the total. Therefore, theoretically, it is possible to battle three other people in a five-hour battle and still unlock Mewtwo. Also, it is important to realize that only time spent battling counts toward play time.


At first glance, Luigi may seem like a mere clone of Mario, but any advanced player will learn how unique he really is. When unlocked, he takes Pikachu's place on the roster to go next to all his Mario Bros. buddies. Pikachu travels down to the bottom row to join the other Pokémon.

  • Fight him in the Mushroom Kingdom stage of Adventure Mode. To do this, you must finish Part 1 of the Mushroom Kingdom stage with the last large number of the time limit being a 2. For example, 1:52:48. This will make him replace Mario in the following fight. Then complete the Adventure Mode without using a continue.
  • Play 800 Versus Mode matches.


Roy is a clone of Marth, but with a few differences, the most obvious of which is how his sword burns his opponents. He is quite easy to unlock after you get Marth.

  • Complete Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with Marth without using a continue. However if you don't have Jigglypuff unlocked already, doing so will unlock her first, and you'll have to do it again to unlock Roy.
  • Play 900 Versus Mode matches.

Mr. Game & WatchEdit

Mr. Game & Watch is based on the entire Game & Watch series and is considered the final secret character in the game, as there is no way to unlock him without first unlocking all other characters. Once you get him, you'll be able to easily earn his stage.

  • Complete Classic Mode, Adventure Mode or Target Test with all other 24 characters.
  • Play 1,000 Versus Mode matches.