Super Smash Bros. Melee/Secret Stages

Unlocking Secret StagesEdit

As with characters, there are a total of eleven secret stages to unlock. Five of them are visible as question marks before you unlock them, another one is for Mr. Game & Watch and can easily be obtained after unlocking him. Then there are five special stages that are split into two groups at the bottom of the stage selection screen: three past stages from the original Super Smash Bros. game and two non-character specific stages from Classic and Adventure Mode.

Brinstar DepthsEdit

The Metroid stage "Brinstar Depths" is probably the first stage that you will unlock along the line of locked stages visible as question marks. You can actually get a preview of this stage by reaching Event Match #27: Cold Armor before you unlock it. It features are large stage floating over a pool of magma, spun by Kraid. This stage goes with Brinstar to complete the "Metroid" category of stages.

  • Play 50 Versus Mode matches. In order to view the number of VS. Mode matches that you have completed, go to Data: Melee Records: Misc. Records. In the seventh row will be "VS. Play Match Total."


The EarthBound stage "Fourside" is the next stage that you will unlock if you follow the VS. Mode pattern. You can get a preview of this stage by reaching Event Match #25: Gargantuans. Although it is one of Ness's stages, he has a great weakness on it: His Up+B recovery (PK Thunder) does not work when falling between two buildings. This stage goes with Onett to complete the "EarthBound" category of stages.

  • Play 100 Versus Mode matches.

Big BlueEdit

The F-Zero stage "Big Blue" is the next stage that you will unlock in this pattern. In it, you zoom along the track by hopping on the F-Zero racers. This stage goes with Mute City to complete the "F-Zero" category of stages.

  • Play 150 Versus Mode matches.

Poké FloatsEdit

The Pokémon stage "Poké Floats" is the final stage that you will unlock in this pattern. This is the stage where you battle on constantly changing, giant Pokémon balloons. This stage goes with Pokémon Stadium to complete the "Pokémon" category of stages.

  • Play 200 Versus Mode matches.

Note: One of the above 4 courses is randomly unlocked every time you play 50 VS matches. Results may vary.

Mushroom Kingdom 2Edit

Mushroom Kingdom 2 is the only stage to be shown as a question mark when locked to not be opened by completing VS. Mode matches. It is based on the old Mario game Super Mario Bros. 2, and contains the Birdo and Pidgit enemies. Its technical name is "Kingdom 2." It goes with Mushroom Kingdom to complete the "Retro Mario" category of stages.

  • Obtain the Birdo trophy. It can be obtained by the Lottery or found in the Classic and Adventure Modes.

Flat ZoneEdit

Flat Zone is not visible until after you have unlocked it, making it different from the above five. It goes next to the two Starfox stages. It is built for Mr. Game & Watch, and is easy to unlock after you get him.

  • Complete Classic or Adventure Mode with Mr. Game & Watch on any difficulty, without using a continue.


Battlefield is the second last stage you play on in Classic and Adventure Mode, against the metallic fighters and wire frames.

  • Complete All-Star Mode without using a continue. To get All-Star Mode, you need to unlock every character.

Final DestinationEdit

Final Destination is where you battle Master Hand and Bowser in the Classic and Adventure Modes.

  • Clear Event Match #51: The Showdown. To reach this event match, you'll need to clear all 50 other Event Matches.

N64 Dream LandEdit

Dream Land from the old Super Smash Bros. is possibly one of the most boring of all stages from that game. However, it is one of the three old stages chosen to be rereleased. It is based on the Kirby series and is very much like the "Battlefield" stage, except a tree in the middle occasionally blows players gently to the side.

  • Complete Target Test with all twenty-five characters, including the unlockable ones.

N64 Yoshi's IslandEdit

Yoshi's Island is a stage from the old Super Smash Bros. and is based on the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. It contains three groups of clouds that will vanish after being walked on for too long.

  • Hit the Sandbag over 1,350 ft (400m) in the Home Run Contest. An easy way to do this is with Yoshi: Grab the bat, jump over the Sandbag and use your airborne Down+A attack to inflict massive damage to the Sandbag. Repeat as much as possible before hitting a home run.

N64 Kongo JungleEdit

Kongo Jungle is a Super Smash Bros. level based on the Donkey Kong Country game. It features an old-fashioned Barrel Cannon floating around below the stage.

  • Clear the 15-Minute melee with any character.