Super Smash Bros. Melee/Pokémon

Pokémon ListEdit

The PokéBall item can unleash one of several possible Pokémon onto the battlefield. Generally they'll inflict damage to everybody except for the person who releases them, but there are a few exceptions.

Spoiler Warning! The following chart is free of spoilers, but if you scroll below it, you will reach a section on secret Pokémon, and it contains spoilers.

  • Here is an alphabetical list of the Pokémon, their Japanese names, and the attacks their motions are based on and how they attack.
  • Boldfaced Pokémon are legendary, which makes then very rare and usually extremely powerful.

Pokémon Attack Effect
Articuno Hovers over the spot it was released and emits a powerful icy blast, which freezes any nearby opponents in ice.
Bellossom Dances and releases spores that put opponents to sleep, granted they are on the ground. Causes no direct damage, but it allows the Pokémon's user, who is immune, to attack them.
Blastoise Blasts jets of water from its water cannons in the direction its facing. These water jets push the Blastoise backwards, and it may fall off a cliff because of this.
Chansey Chansey throws a few eggs, which can either hold an item, explode when thrown or attacked, or be eaten to recover health.
Charizard Releases blasts of fire alternately to its left and right. It will also cause severe damage to any opponent that actually touches it.
Chikorita Fires projectile leaves in one direction. Once it hits someone, it is difficult for them to escape the attack.
Clefairy After a short delay, will randomly perform either Explosion (localized explosion), Earthquake (many local shockwaves), or Blizzard (traps nearby players in an icy wind). Causes no damage on physical contact.
Cyndaquil Jumps up, hovers and releases a jet of fire diagonally from its back.
Electrode Turns dark, and explodes after 6 seconds. Causes no direct damage before the explosion, but the explosion itself is very powerful. This Pokémon's attack can harm the player who released it. It can be picked up and thrown a few seconds before exploding, but this is risky.
Entei Shoots a giant continuous jet of fire up into the sky, trapping any opponent who touches it inside, causing massive damage.
Goldeen Flops around; completely worthless
Ho-oh Flies offscreen, appears in the background and blasts a huge continuous jet of fire perpendicular to the playing field and trapping anyone who touches it inside. Similar to Entei's attack but more powerful and lasts for a shorter time.
Lugia Flies offscreen, appears in the background and sends a tornado out of its mouth. This tornado moves around the nearby playing field sending whoever touches it flying.
Marill Runs forward until it falls of a cliff. Stuns and pushes players along, damaging them as they go.
Moltres Moltres hovers for a few seconds, then flies away straight up. Contact with Moltres is deadly.
Porygon2 Rockets forward a short distance from its point of release, then disappears. Shocks any player that are unfortunate enough to be in its way and sends them flying away horizontally.
Raikou A large field of electricity is centered around Raikou; any opponent who touches nearby ground is electrified into the air.
Scizor Runs forward and falls for a second, unable to move through platforms. Then reverses direction and jumps, aiming at an opponent and able to fall through platforms. Painful upon contact.
Snorlax Rises from point of release, then returns on screen at triple the size and falls. Touching it will hurt, even when its flying upwards.
Staryu Homes in on one player (staying a few feet to his/her side) and, after a few seconds, fires projectile stars at the same rate as Chikorita's Razor Leaf, trapping the opponent in the blast if contact is made. Very painful if actually touched.
Suicune Creates a blizzard around itself, hurting and temporarily freezing any opponents who get caught in side. Basically a more powerful version of Clefairy's ice-based attack.
Togepi After a short delay, will perform either Nightshade (the screen turns pitch black; computer fighters are unaffected), what is possibly Leech Seed (large Lip's Stick-style flowers are planted on all nearby fighters), what is possibly Earthquake (players are buried in the ground like in Donkey Kong's headbutt), among a few other attacks.
Unown The Unown flies off screen, and is followed by a large swarm of Unowns, flying in a random direction through the playing field and covering a large, yet predictable area. Contact with any Unown will hurt.
Venusaur Stomps the ground, causing shockwaves and sending any opponent who touches nearby ground to fly away.
Weezing Releases a small cloud of smoke around itself, trapping and hurting any opponent who touches it, causing significant damage.
Wobbuffet Damages any player that hits it, even the player that released it, for minimal damage. However, if one inflicts more damage onto it, then it will inflict more damage onto whoever touches it. Can suck players in, much like the effect of the Fan.
Zapdos Flies and performs a brief paralyzing electric shock to all nearby players, including airborne ones, then flies up and away. Causes considerable damage.

Secret PokémonEdit

There are two secret Pokémon in the game, which after unlocked have a 1/150 chance of coming out of a Pokéball. They don't aid in battle, but they do have other benefits, which are stated in the graph below.

  • Mew - To unlock Mew, simply unlock every character. You will then have a small chance to find Mew.
  • Celebi - To unlock Celebi, you will have to unlock every stage, as well as the secret modes Sound Test and Score Display. You will have had to unlock every character to accomplish this.

Pokémon Attack Effect
Mew Mew is an unlockable Pokémon, but it doesn't attack. It just floats up out of the screen in a bubble. However, releasing Mew for the first time is recorded in your Data: Special section, gets you closer to earning the Mew trophy, and gives you points to aid you in Bonus Mode.
Celebi Celebi is an unlockable Pokémon, but it doesn't attack. It just floats up out of the screen. However, releasing a Celebi for the first time is recorded in your Data: Special section, gives you the Celebi trophy, and rewards you with 10,000 points to aid you in Bonus Mode.

Pokémon TriviaEdit

  • In Event Match #37: Legendary Pokémon, the Pokéballs, which are the only available item, are rigged to only release Wobbuffet or one of the Legendary Pokémon: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia, Ho-oh, Raikou, Suicune, Entei, and if unlocked, Mew or Celebi.
  • Ditto was also to appear in this game, but the programmers took him out because it was too glitchy. It would transform into your character and aid you side by side in combat for a while. You can still see it, however, if you use the debug mode, via Action Replay.
  • Chansey, Marill and Cyndaquil can be destroyed (even by the one who released them) by player attacks before completing their own attack.
  • You can get some of the Pokémon to say their Japanese names in different voices by switching the language to Japanese.
  • When an Electrode is released, he can be picked up just as if it were a Bob-bomb and thrown right before he explodes.