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Playable Characters edit

The game features four playable characters named Aiai, Meemee, Baby and Gongon.

Aiai edit

Meemee edit

Baby edit

Gongon edit

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Narrator edit


Beginner edit

10 floors plus 3 extra.

Floor 2 edit

  • Time: 60 sec.

A green exit is available on this floor which will take you to floor 5. When you start the stage turn around and go up the ramp behind you. You need to fall and hit the platform below.

Floor 5 edit

Bonus Floor
  • Time: 60 sec.

You need to collect all the bananas in the time given.

Advanced edit

30 floors plus 5 extra.

Floor 1 edit

Floor 2 edit

Floor 3 edit

Floor 4 edit

Floor 5 edit

Floor 6 edit

Floor 7 edit

Floor 8 edit

Floor 9 edit

Floor 10 edit

Floor 11 edit

Floor 12 edit

Floor 13 edit

Floor 14 edit

Floor 15 edit

Floor 16 edit

Floor 17 edit

Floor 18 edit

  • Time: 60 sec.
  • Red goal: Floor 25

This floor has 3 goals. The goals race away from you and you must try to catch-up with them. At the start if you turn right and fall off the track you should land further down. Now the goals will be traveling toward you making it easier to get the red goal.


Dole bananas were heavily featured in Super Monkey Ball.

Origins edit

The game debuted in Japan in 2001 as an upright arcade cabinet and later that year was released as one of the three original Nintendo GameCube games.

Sequels edit

The popularity of the simple game in Japan, the United States and Europe has led to several sequels and ports: Super Monkey Ball 2 for the GameCube; Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, which included levels from both GameCube releases plus original levels, as well as updating the party games; Super Monkey Ball Jr., a release for Nintendo Game Boy Advance based on the original title; a release under the original title for the Nokia N-Gage gaming system; and an release for the Nintendo DS entitled Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll. It is also featured in the Sega SuperStars Eye Toy game for the PlayStation 2.

Product Placements edit

The bananas in the game feature advertising for the Dole Food Company, and interesting example of Product Placement games at the time.

Similar games

Neverball, a game similar to Super Monkey Ball.

A number of games feature gameplay similar to Super Monkey Ball.

  • Neverball - Open source rolling ball game.
  • Paperball - Cat themed rolling ball game.


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