Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's Island 3

Yoshi's Island 3
Level type Elevated
Entrance Yoshi's Island 2
Exit Yoshi's Island 4
Secret Exit None
Time at start 300
Difficulty Very easy (w/Yellow Switch)
Medium (w/o Yellow)

Yoshi's Island 3 is the third level on Yoshi's Island. It is the first elevated level, and its difficulty depends on whether or not the Yellow Switch has been activated.

File:Yoshi's Island 3.PNG
An overhead view of Yoshi's Island, with Yoshi's Island 3 in red.


Normal StrategyEdit

The Normal Strategy is when you go through the level rather slowly, doing everything on the way. This may exclude such things as getting coins or stomping on enemies not in the way and you never fly over the entire level or even just parts of it.

Start at the BeginningEdit

Begin by jumping up the series of platforms until you reach the top of the cliff. Jump onto the brown platform and wait until it swings close enough to the next cliff before you jump onto it. Hit the yellow item box to get a mushroom (if you have already hit the yellow switch). Jump onto the row of blocks that extend and retract, and stay on the middle block. Jump up to get a Dragon Coin.DC#1 Jump onto the next series of retracting blocks, then jump onto another cliff, and then onto another brown platform, which will carry you over to another cliff. There are two item boxes on this cliff. Hit the second one to get a Yoshi. Jump onto the moving white platform, then jump onto another one and then onto another cliff. You will see two brown rotating platforms ahead of you. Jump onto the first one and wait until it carries you to the bottom (do not jump onto the second one). You will see a yellow pipe underneath you. Jump onto the pipe and press down to enter it. Once inside, hit the "P" block to turn all the coins into blocks. Run across the blocks to get another Dragon Coin DC#2 and jump off the other side to get to the green pipe. Go into the green pipe, and you will emerge out of a reddish pipe. Run straight forward to get to the midway gate.

Start at the Midway GateEdit

After you pass the midway point, keep running until you see a Dragon Coin. DC#3 Jump up to get it. Next, jump onto the blocks with the red Koopa on them and then jump up to the top of the cliff where an item box is. If you have a mushroom already, this box will give you a Fire Flower. Jump onto the moving white platform, then onto the cliff, then onto the rotating brown platform, and finally onto a set of retracting blocks. Keep moving along the sets of blocks until you reach a Dragon Coin on the final set. DC#4 Jump up to get it. Jump onto the cliff, then jump off again to get to another white platform, then again to a brown rotating platform. Jump off the brown one onto a cliff with a green star box on it. After you hit the box, jump onto two more rotating platforms and get the Dragon Coin at the end of them. DC#5 Jump onto the final piece of land and run all the way to the finish.

Dragon Coin StrategyEdit

The Dragon Coin Strategy is when you get all the dragon coins (simple enough). You beat everything normally, but your primary goal is to get the dragon coins.

To do this, follow the above walkthrough and at each of the links, get the dragon coin.

Dragon Coin #1Edit

Dragon Coin #1 is located at the first set of expanding and retracting blocks, just at the end.

Dragon Coin #2Edit

Dragon Coin #2 is where the first two consecutive brown platforms are. Jump down from the first platform to reach a yellow pipe. Go into the pipe and use the "P" block to change the coins into blocks, so you can walk over them and get the coin.

Dragon Coin #3Edit

Dragon Coin #3 is after the set of stairs with the first Chargin' Chuck with a few other coins. Jump off the ledge to get it.

Dragon Coin #4Edit

Dragon Coin #4 is at the next set of expanding and retracting blocks, at the end.

Dragon Coin #5Edit

Dragon Coin #5 is right before the final piece of land with the finish line; you will probably be able to get it while jumping from the last rotating platform onto the piece of land.

Quick StrategyEdit

The Quick Strategy focuses on speed. Coins, points, lives, or anything else are of no importance, but you need to jump in the correct place. With some practice you will use around 42 game seconds (258 left) to pass the entire level.

Lives StrategyEdit

The Lives Strategy focuses on getting lives, and at the same time, stays as safe as possible. A rule of thumb is, if you can get a life, then be in greater danger than before, that is worth it, because if you die, you don't lose any lives and if you survive, you gain a life. The lives strategy also goes for mushrooms, fire flowers, and cape feathers as well because they save lives.


This is a list of the enemies that appear on Yoshi's Island 3, in order that they appear first:


This is a list of the items you can get on Yoshi's Island 3, in order that they appear first:

  • 1 Mushroom (if yellow switch was pressed)
  • 1 Yoshi egg
  • 1 "P" block
  • 1 Mushroom/Fire Flower (depending on current status)

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