There are many items in Super Mario World. Most of these items can benefit you in some way.

Coins edit

There are several types of coins in Super Mario World. Coins can help you gain extra lives, so collect coins whenever possible.

The following types of coins exist:

  • regular coins
  • dragon coins
  • monster coins

Regular coins are the most commons. Unlike previous Mario games, you normally do not gain points for collecting them unless you get them from special blocks. If you turn an enemy into coins by fireballs or by reaching the goal, you can gain points from the coins. Also, if you get coins by jumping on a yellow Koopa, you also get points. You can gain an extra life per every 100 regular coins.

Most levels have exactly five dragon coins. On any particular level, you will gain 1,000 points for the first dragon coin, 2,000 points for the second, 4,000 points for the third, and points 8,000 for the fourth. Any additional dragon coin you collect will result in an extra life. Once you collect five dragon coins from a level, you cannot collect them again unless you reset the game. Dragon coins also count as regular coins. If you have 99 regular coins in your counter, and you take the fifth dragon coin, you will gain two extra lives.

The gray-colored P-Switches will turn certain enemies into silver coins temporarily. For every coin you collect before the time expires, you gain an increasing number of points per coin, until you reach 8,000. The next coins will earn you an extra life, two extra lives, and finally, three extra lives for every coin you collect.

Power-Ups edit

There are four power-up in Super Mario World, mushrooms, fire flowers, feathers and stars. Power-up can be found in some yellow blocks, ? blocks, hidden blocks and note blocks. Glass blocks will always contain an item that transform from a mushroom to a fire flower to a feather to a star and then repeats the cycle forever. Green ! blocks will always contain a feather. Yellow ! blocks will always contain a mushroom. Power-ups can also be found on on their own (i.e. not in blocks) in parts of certain levels, and enemies and items Mario carries across the goal post may transform into powerups.

Mushrooms turn small Mario into Super Mario and make Mario bigger. Mushrooms with give Mario two hit points (if he is hit he turns to small Mario, if he is hit again as small Mario he dies. There is also a green mushroom which when collected will give you a life.

Fire flowers turn Mario in fire Mario. In this form Mario is able to throw up to two fireballs at a time, these can destroy most weak enemies and can hurt certain bosses

The Cape Feather turns Mario into cape Mario. This allows Mario to fly be reaching speed and he can also spin to kill some nearby enemies

Stars make Mario invincible to enemy hits for a short period of time (he may still die by falling, time running out or being squished). During this period, most enemies Mario touches will die instantly. The first enemy Mario kills with a star will give him 200 points, the second 400, the third 800, then 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000. Every enemy killed afterwards (after the seventh) will be a 1-up or a 2-up. This is one of the quickest ways in the game to get additional lives.

A P-Balloon inflates Mario for a short while, allowing him to float upward to reach high areas.

Eggs edit

Certain blocks will contain an egg. An adult Yoshi will instantly hatch out of these eggs. If egg is found on its own (i.e. not in a block), a baby Yoshi (not an adult) will hatch out of it. If you already have a Yoshi, you will get a 1-up mushroom instead.

Crescent Moon edit

You are able to get tiny smiling crescent moons which are quite rare. They give you three lives if you collect them. HINT: One is located in Yoshi's Island 1 and is explained in detail.

Tornado Shell edit

When a shell-less Koopa Troopa hops into a yellow shell, it spins and spins and chases Mario! You can't defeat it with CAPE SPIN, jumping, or fireballs,so the only way is to eat it. Yoshi will get wings, stomping, AND fireballs with this guy. In the Green Switch Palace, you can use him to take down Koopas and get a 1UP.