Super Mario World/Cookie Mountain/Ludwig's Castle

bring a mushroom or a cape. wait for the spiny enemy to hide and jump on it. dodge the first giant mace, then their is the two spiny ones. These two are the first of four spinning maces. Stand to the left and wait for the first one to pass, then sprint. You can avoid the last one by ducking under the mace, the chain is harmless. A mushroom comes in handy though in the off-chance that you get hit anyways. Before you go through the first door, there's a mushroom. as soon as you get through the door, run. theres a spiked ceiling rushing down. find the off switch and it will rise up, dodge the thwomps, and theres another spiked ceiling. this is much faster than the other one so move fast. go through the second door and jump on the gates. hit the koopas on the grates. there should be a cape somewhere. its pretty obvious where it is. jump some more gates until you get to the final door. Ludwig is there and he's pretty easy. First dodge his fire balls and jump on him. He'll retreat into his shell and jump. Now this is the hard part for rookies. if youre short on time, or if you dont like to waste time, make sure you Ludwig doesnt go halfway offscreen. after he jumps repeat the process 3 times and he is defeated