Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars/Characters/Smithy

Smithy is the antagonist and final boss of the game.



Smithy comes to the Mushroom Kingdom via his giant sword/ship, Exor. Exor descends from the heavens, shattering the mystical Star Road into seven pieces and proceeds to crash into Bowser's Keep, the impact of Exor's landing sends Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser (who were in the keep at the time) flying. Smithy then proceeds to take over the keep. From this roost, Smithy creates weapon-themed minions that wreak havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom. These minions includes the living knife Mack, the living bow Bowyer, the strange spear-like being Yaridovich, the team of axe-based warriors dubbed the Axem Rangers, and the flying battleship known as the Blade. Smithy also manages to manipulate or brainwash several of Bowser's minions into working for him. Smithy himself is never seen until the very end of the game, despite having his army spread out all across the Mushroom Kingdom.

After Mario, Geno and Mallow's battle with Bowyer, Smithy learns the secret of the Star Pieces and begins a search for them with the intent of destroying them.

Never appearing in the Mushroom Kingdom, Smithy's void-like world is actually located within Exor. Smithy's world is a giant desolate factory full of robotic clones of his minions, many deadly machines and several bizzare creatures native to that world. After Mario and his allies (consisting of Mallow, Geno, Princess Toadstool and surprisingly, Bowser) finally reach Smithy's Factory by defeating Exor, they confront Smithy, who reveals his plan to destroy the Star Pieces and his scheme to make a world filled with weapons. Mario and company engage in battle with him. When Smithy's first form is destroyed he reveals his true form, a head with the ability to transform into specialized heads including a magician (magic), a tank (physical and one hit KO attacks), a mask-like shield (defense) and treasure chest (status ailments).

After a grueling battle Mario and his allies finally defeat Smithy. After Smithy self-destructs the portal to his world is destroyed when Exor dissolves, after this the Mushroom Kingdom returns to normal. At the very end of the game during the parade which accompanies the closing credits, Smithy can be seen riding on the Blade where he proceeds to smash Mack, Bowyer, and Yaridovich, who follow behind him.