Super Mario Bros. 3/World 3 Part 2


World 3-4


Even the clouds conspire against Mario on a steeply sloped stage. Most methods for getting unlimited 1-Ups involve skill and practice. In this world, the technique automatically.
File:SMB3 W3 S4 a.png

  • 1: Slide down the hill to gain momentum and topple a train of Goombas, then jump at the last moment to leap across the pond.

File:SMB3 W3 S4 b.png

  • 2: Lakitu will throw Spiny Eggs. The eggs have vicious tracking ability, making Lakitu one of the toughest enemies you'll meet.
  • 3: A challenging chance for unlimited 1-Ups. It may be the most challenging trick in the game, but it's possible to get unlimited 1-Ups on this stage. Attract Lakitu from point 2 to the area underneath the Venus Fire Trap. Grab a shell from a nearby Koopa, and kick it between the Wood Blocks. Stand on the platform below the pipe while the shell hits the falling Spiny Eggs, first for points, and then for 1-Ups. You'll also have to dodge everything and survive somehow, but the reward will be extra lives until time runs out.
  • 4: Lakitu will be back to make your life miserable. The foe is especially frustrating in the jumping section, so move as fast as possible to avoid Spiny Eggs.

World 3-5


It's not easy being green, but Stage 3-5 goes swimmingly for amphibians. By now, you know that the Frog Suit makes it much easier to swim in the water worlds. Also, certain underwater pipes can be entered only if you're wearing the Frog Suit. The secret rooms you reach usually have valuable things inside, like 1-Ups.
File:SMB3 W3 S5 a.png

  • 1: If you don't have a Frog Suit, but you have a spare P-Wing to use, consider using it here. On top of the Wood Block islands are T-shaped structures that contain 10-Coin Blocks. You can only reach them if you activate the P-Wing, and you'll need to whack the blocks with your raccoon tail.
  • 2: Swim cautiously by Big Bertha and her baby. You won't have much room to skirt around them. If you're feeling lucky (and aren't wearing a Frog Suit), try to get the power-up in the ? Block.
File:SMB3 W3 S5 c.png

File:SMB3 W3 S5 b.png

  • 3: A tunnel only a Frog can enter. As Frog Mario, you can swim against the current to go down the pipe that leads to a secret area (shown right). Hold Right on the D-Pad as you enter the area to land on a platform containing a giant ? Block. Three separate 1-Up Mushrooms will pop out of it for you to collect.
  • 4: Go against the flow for a 1-Up. Swim against the downward current of the pipe and you'll reveal a 1-Up in an invisible block. But be careful—the are to the left is swarming with enemies. Take your time. If you rush, you could become fish food.

World 3-6


High-altitude leaps from flipping platforms to falling blocks demand precision. In this stage, there are times that dangerous Donut Lifts are your only stepping stones, making for some precarious spots!
File:SMB3 W3 S6 a.png

  • 1: Wait until the last second to jump onto these Donut Lifts, and move along quickly. Remember to stay light on your feet when crossing Donut Lifts—they're bound to fall into the chasm.
  • 2: Stomp the Koopa Troopa walking along the top platform, and kick it's shell forward. It will ricochet off the wall and slam back and forth between a 10-Coin Block and a Donut Lift. It's easy money and you don't have to do the work.
  • 3: Ice Block power-up. Pick up and kick the Ice Block, stand over the Donut Lift and wait for it to fall. Then kick a Koopa shell at the block to reveal a power-up.

File:SMB3 W3 S6 b.png

  • 4: To ensure that you cross the wide gaps, run and continue to hold the B button while jumping.
  • 5: Make the Switch Block appear with an Ice Block. It's much easier to collect the 1-Up if you hit the Switch Block and collect the nearby coins before bumping the block that contains the 1-Up. Alternatively, you can catch the 1-Up as it falls through the coins while the Switch Block is active.
  • 6: The Rotary Lift over the pipe poses quite a danger. Watch the timing of the platform's movement carefully before you leap. Once you're on, get to the goal pipe fast!

World 3-7


Meet bizarre creatures in a strange land of square mountains and misty peaks. A spacious stage with big grassy block, this area is the home of a new enemy, Spike. Is also features a Cloud World and a way to finish off the stage in Coin Heaven.
File:SMB3 W3 S7 a.png

Mario's Ocean Adventure!

To completely explore the large Island World, Mario must get a Hammer from a wandering Hammer Brother, and use it to open the path to the Canoe. He can then sail to islands with Mushroom Houses and Bonus Games on them.

  • 1: Spike has a nasty habit of coughing up spiked balls. As if that weren't bad enough, it has the nerve to throw them at you. Avoid the ball and stomp him. He's not too tough as long as you're careful.
  • 2: After climbing up the vine at point 3, hit the Switch Block located here, and fall down to the group of bricks, now coins, to the right. You'll find that one of them contains a 1-Up.

File:SMB3 W3 S7 b.png

  • 3: Vine-Climbing' for cash. Break a block to get at the one that will trigger a vine to grow into the sky. Climb it to reach a whole mess of coins in the clouds.
  • 4: Go to Coin Heaven again! Make the Red Jump Block appear and launch yourself to Coin Heaven.
  • 5: You can use the bouncing Wood Blocks to attack enemies when they're next to the block. Bump the bouncing block from the side to push it into an enemy. One of the blocks contains a power-up item as well.

Coin Heaven


File:SMB3 W3 S7 c.png This Coin Heaven is a bit different from the ones you may have visited in World 1. It scrolls automatically like the other do, but there is no point flying into the sky as there is nothing to find. Furthermore, at the end of the heaven, you won't find a pipe returning you to the stage. Instead, you'll find a treasure chest. Inside the chest is a Jugem's Cloud. As soon as you collect it, you will return to the World map, and the stage will be completed.