Super Mario 63/The Cave of Empuzzlement

This level requires the second bowser key from bowser's second trap. It is under a hidden breakable block under the painting to the right with clouds next to the Tall, Tall mountain painting. First, in the lobby, enter the top double doors. Then, head on to the right. Enter the doors with the keyhole. Climb the stairs to the right. Head under the cloud painting and ground-pound.

The Cave of EmpuzzlementEdit

"Be careful, this labyrinth of Locked Cannons, Metal Blocks, Invisible Walls,Floating Platforms, Rocket Fludd, and Turbo Fludd will twist and mutilate your mind beyond sanity."-Pause Menu

This level is filled with switches that change the water level, along with the of the things said in the quote;Locked Cannons, Rocket Fludd, etc. It is a cave area, playing the Buoy Base Galaxy music. This guide will help you reach the shine sprite hidden in this level.