Super Mario 63/Story

The game starts when Mario decides to go to Princess Peach's Castle, but must pass through Mushroom Kingdom. After reaching the castle, Peach and her toads are preparing a celebration party for Mario, who defeated Bowser again. Bowser suddenly attacks the castle in his airship with Kamek, captures Peach, and knocks Mario unconscious. He then enters the castle and breaks the shine sprite orb, scattering them, across each level.

After Defeating Bowser OnceEdit

After obtaining Bowser's key, Bowser reveals that it is a warp key and teleports Mario to the Mushroom Kingdom Outskirts, where the second tutorial takes place. Here, you will learn about how to use the other two F.L.U.D.D.s and unlock them in each level.

After Defeating Bowser TwiceEdit

After Bowser tells Mario about his plan to use the Orb of Power to destroy the world, the key to the upper level of the castle is obtained and Mario narrowly survives the destruction of Bowser's second trap. When he returns to Peach's Castle, Bowser announces to the toads that the world will end in a few days and tells everyone that the only way to survive is to join him.

Kamek's CastleEdit

After finding the Orb of Destruction, Kamek is fired from his position and rants to a parakoopa at his castle before Mario arrives.

After Defeating Bowser the Final TimeEdit

After Bowser falls off his tower, Peach is rescued but the meteor is already about to explode. Kamek then reverses the meteor and changes it to only explode within Bowser's Castle's force field. He takes Peach away as Mario also falls after a meteor explodes near him. Mario uses a sling star to escape as everything in Bowser's Castle explodes.