Super Mario 63/Secret of the Mushroom

This level requires at least one Shine Sprite to unlock. To enter, jump onto the door that leads to the Upper Hallway in the Main Hall. Press the Up arrow key, and you'll be warped to the Secret of the Mushroom.

Secret of the MushroomEdit

"Gotta catch 'em all! 1-Up Mushroom!"

This level is filled with Blue Coins, that are worth five Coins each, and 1-Up Mushrooms, so this guide will tell you how to get as many lives possible from this level. You'll enter by falling onto a Hover F.L.U.D.D. There's also a sign. Go left onto a wobbly platform for a couple of Blue Coins. Go right, but under the moving box, and you'll find a crate and a 1-Up Mushroom in a pit. Break open the crate for several Coins. Jump down to the 1-Up Mushroom, and then Hover back out to grab it. Keep on heading right on several wobbly platforms for a couple more Blue Coins.

After that, there should be a platform ferris wheel, and in the center is a Blue Coin. Hover out there, grab it, and Hover back to safety. Head right a little bit for another crate, a Blue Coin, and a 1-Up Mushroom. The 1-Up is over a pit, so jump on the small rainbow cube, and ride it to the Mushroom. Once you get it, Hover back onto another platform before you fall. Now, break the crate and grab as many coins as you can get! Travel back left to the Hover F.L.U.D.D at the beginning.

Hover up above the moving box, and then land on the rotating white boxes. Slip in between the boxes when they rotate to get two Blue Coins and a 1-Up Mushroom. Slip back out, and then Hover up to the next Blue Coin and two signs. The signs tell of which path is the easy or hard one. Choose either one.

Easy PathEdit

Go right, past the wobbly platform to the circling platforms. From these, jump to the platform with a Goomba and a Blue Coin. Jump onto the next set of circling platforms. To get the 1-Up Mushroom, wait on the platform until you get it, and then Hover off to the next platform. Jump up past each platform ahead, up a wobbly platform with a Blue Coin on it. Jump past the next set of wobbly platforms, dodging enemies and making sure not to fall off.

Hard PathEdit

Go left, onto a wobbly platform. Past it is a bunch of rotating wooden platforms. To get a 1-Up Mushroom, Drop down a side of a rotating platform, and then Hover back up onto another rotating platform. Go left a bit onto the platform with a Blue Coin on it.

Star CoinEdit

Past a gigantic rotating platform is the Star Coin of this level. Jump back there, and then be sure to Hover back to the safety of a platform to the right of this course.

Jump onto the slowly rotating white cube, and ride it up to the next platform. Then, jump on the lift, and ride it towards the end while dodging the rotating platforms. Jump over the wobbly platform and reach the end of this secret course.

Soon, you'll see the Shine Sprite and two 1-Up Mushrooms. Break the crate blocking both of the 1-Up Mushrooms and jump down to each, and Hover back out. Make sure not to fall, or you'll have to do the level again. Break the crates blocking the Shine Sprite with a Stomp, and grab it.