Super Mario 63/Items

There are lots of items in Super Mario 63. This page describes them all.

Shine SpritesEdit

The must-have item in each course. Once you've collected it, you will complete that certain mission in the course. Then your shine sprite amount will increase by one and you'll return to the castle. There are a total of 64 shine sprites in the game.

Star CoinsEdit

In the courses, star coins are often hidden in hard-to-reach places. Collecting star coins unlocks stuff for the level designer. The level designer itself unlocks after the 5th star coin. There are also doors in the level designer room: The 16th star coin door leads to your 16th star coin prize (a shine sprite), the 32nd star coin door allows you to change between Mario and Luigi every time you walk through it, the 48th star coin door leads to another shine sprite, and the last (64th star coin) door leads to the Mush-Room, a room with lots of 1-ups and coins. As with shine sprites, there are 64 star coins in the game.


F.L.U.D.D. ("Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device"[1]) are water-powered jetpacks that assist the character's movement by allowing them to elevate higher and/or move at faster rates whilst clearing out enemies like Goombas and Shy-Guys.

Hover F.L.U.D.D.Edit

The Hover FLUDD box looks like a blue box with the design of professor E. Gadd's head. After you jump on the box, it will reveal hover FLUDD. With it, you can press the C key or space bar to hover upwards. Hover FLUDD have a water gauge and power gauge (the thin red tube beside the water gauge). If the water guage ran out, you can not use FLUDD again until you touch water, collect a water bottle, or get another FLUDD from a station. Each small bottle adds 15% to the water tank and each large one 50%. The power gauge will keep going down the longer you press the C key and elevation slows down. When it reaches 0, it will stop working until you land. Stomping a bullet bill can add a quarter of power while airborne, and collecting a blue coin adds a half. Hover FLUDD is useful if you slipped down a platform and need to get back up, or if you need to get a little higher. You can also push away/destroy enemies when you're using hover FLUDD, and slide quickly on ground in diving state.

Rocket F.L.U.D.D.Edit

The Rocket FLUDD box is red with the design like the Hover FLUDD. Except with it, when you press the C key you can blast very high into the air, but the power gauge will immediately go to 0 with each blast until you land or, unlike other FLUDDs, slowly recover itself if you stayed in the air for too long. And once the power gauge is full again, you can use it again. Unlike other FLUDDs, you cannot destroy enemies while using it, instead you'll get hurt if you touch them.

Note that with Mario airborne in dive state or lying on the stomach, it boosts in the direction it points to, while with Luigi, it will boost upwards regardless of the character's orientation.

Turbo F.L.U.D.D.Edit

The Turbo FLUDD box is gray. With it, when you press the C key you will blast forth for as long as you want, making you virtually invincible! It can be useful for when you need to speed across land or water that have lots of enemies. The red power bar stays full during operation, meaning its endurance is only limited by the capacity of the water tank. Note: You are invincible to almost every thing.


Invincibility CapEdit

With the invincibility cap, you're invincible! You will hurt any enemy you touch (except ghosts), and break crates if you touch them!

Invisibility CapEdit

With the invisibility cap, you can pass through caged walls (or sometimes other things). While invisible, enemies can't harm you! You can still be touched by hazards though.

Metal CapEdit

With the metal cap, you are able to pass through lava, fire, and toxic. You will also sink in water, which is useful for when you need to ground-pound in it in order to break boxes, but is disadvantageous when swimming up is necessary. However, being underwater does not consume air.

While the metal cap is active, F.L.U.D.D. can be used to raise in water.

Wing CapEdit

With the Wing Cap, triple jump or dive, and fly through the sky! Use the arrow keys to control if you want to nosedive or fly high, or fly left or fly right! (It rhymes!)

1-Up MushroomEdit

You can get an extra up with this mushroom! If you want to collect a lot of them head to the secret of the mushroom!


Yellow CoinsEdit

The most common item in a level. Each yellow coin replenishes a letter. If you replenish five letters of the word "Power" above the health indicator, you will get a bar of HP! At eight bars, the HP is full.

Unlike in Super Mario 64, health and air are separate. While underwater, the player loses an eighth of air per three seconds, as compared to eight seconds in Super Mario 64. Each yellow coin refills one bar of air.

Red CoinsEdit

These are worth two yellow coins, but instead of one letter, it replenishes one bar, as well as two bars of air! They are also needed to get certain shine sprites. Collect eight to reveal the shine sprite!

Blue CoinsEdit

Also similar to yellow coins, but they are worth five coins and they heal three bars of HP and refill air entirely! Grab one every time you're low on HP!

Additionally, each refills half of a F.L.U.D.D.'s power, as indicated in the red vertical bar.

Silver starsEdit

Like red coins, these can activate certain shine sprites. In-game, five of them exist per stage. In the level designer, any number of them can be placed.

Additionally, a silver star adds three bars of air, which can be tried out in "Tropical Island" (named "The Tidal Isles" in the pause menu), found on the first star door to the right of the castle main hall's bottom.

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