Super Mario 63/Glitches

This page documents glitches from Super Mario 63, whether they are helpful, terrible, or just for fun.

Make sure a glitch works for the latest official versions on Newgrounds and SheezyArt, where the games' updated versions are kept. If still not certain, discuss it on the talk page to see if anyone else is able to replicate it.

Bowser's infinite flightEdit

See the YouTube video for a demonstration of this glitch.

In a Bowser level (tested in Bowser's Second Trap (Fire Sea Course)), if Bowser is thrown at just the right moment, hitting the bomb just right, he will go very fast and fly offscreen, then come back up, still flying in the same direction, causing him to infinitely repeat this flight. This forces the player to exit the stage or jump into the lava. If the bomb takes away all of Bowser's remaining life, however, the cutscene will interrupt the glitch and the game will continue on as normal.

Hover spinEdit

Try to Hover and Spin Attack at the same time. When you're on the ground, you'll start to spin, but it'll make the sound F.L.U.D.D makes.

Fall below the floor of the mapEdit

Leave the game alone for too long and Mario will fall through the bottom of the map infinitely. Mario's sprite sometimes has the animation of either being killed by squashing, hot stuff, or enemy damage. This can also happen for those who lag a lot, who will randomly fall through the floor for no reason.

Popping up at the other side of an objectEdit

Use this angle.

Enter the Level Designer, then put a large flipping platform on the map at the starting position with the angle noted in the image (about 5 degrees).

Then test the map. Do not touch anything until the platform crushes you. When Mario has been crushed, he will pop up on the other side.

Bowser's Second Trap EarlyEdit

Dash toward the slide in the first part of the Basement (across from the metal door that requires the Green Shine Sprite) and jump as you enter it. Dive as Mario peaks and you'll slide right through. Spamming spin jump also works sometimes.

Double Rocket JumpEdit

Sometimes, with the rocket FLUDD equipped, if you spam the pause button while charging it on the ground, Mario/Luigi will be able to blast off twice. This glitch most likely happens because the game is able to refill the "charge" meter while on the ground, even though you are in the air. This can be used to skip parts of Bowser's castle entirely.

Level Designer Glitches/TricksEdit

Stuck in a launch star

Making a sling star and setting the speed to any value that isn't a number (for example, NAN), will result in Mario/Luigi being trapped forever until you quit the level (

Launching flipping platforms

Creating a Flipping platform with a speed set to 180 will oddly make it so you get stuck on it when you walk on it. However, if you press P to pause the game, then unpause, you get launched into the air. ( Larger ones may crush you or just warp you below the platform.


The small platform can be escaped by pausing (pressing P) and unpausing. The large one causes... strange things.

Circle platform bug

A similar thing happens with circle platforms, setting the speed to 180 and jumping on one of the platforms can cause strange things to happen. (in this level, try to land on the top green platform after a triple jump.

Screen shake

Oddly, placing 2 Horizontal Level Transitions as close as possible causes the screen to shake. Editing the level code to make them even closer results in weird camera glitches. (

Item upwarp

If you take an extra long cloud (or any similar object) and set the angle to 90 or 270, touching the side will cause the player to upwarp to the highest point of said object. (


If you take a Floating Platform to under the water and pause, the platform will still rise if it is still underwater. This means that players can create puzzles cannot be solved without pausing. (

Odd pause glitch

If you click File and click Load Course, then click Input Code, then click Load Course, the game will load an undefined level. All of the tiles will flash by on the screen. Trying to load the Course Info will result in the name being "undefined", there is no music or background set (though you can still set one), and the level length and height are set to NaN (Not a Number). Both of the no music or background being set is obviously unused, since by default, the music is Mushroom Kingdom and the background is Hills and Clouds. Attempting to place objects will usually crash or softlock (the game still runs, but you cannot do or interact with anything) the game in this state. If you attempt to play the level, all that will happen is that the main character will fall effectively forever, as there is no limit to how far down he can go (no music will play, as none is set, and the background appears to be the same as the one that shows in the level designer while creating a level). This is because the game does not do any validation to see if the code is valid, so it will run any code you throw at it. (no paste required, just type in random gibberish and the glitch will activate.)

Images and links in SM63

It's possible to use some HTML code in signs. While not a glitch, you can do things like add custom pictures (like in this level, or even run an SWF file. .GIF files will not animate, only showing the first frame of animation.


You can also link to websites, if you really wanted to (

Invincible bullet bills

Bullet Bills can be made to be invincible. Directly editing the code for a spawner can cause a bullet bill to be invincible ( Under normal means, an expected number is supposed to be between 0-9. However, if you replace it with something that isn't a number, bullet bills will be invincible. You can still step on them, but that will only cause them to go a different direction. If chase? is enabled, then the bullet bill will eventually turn around to face you.


In a normal level, Pikachu would actually be a number between 0-9. However, since Pikachu is not a number, it causes the bullet bills to be rainbow, as well as invincible. Of course, Pikachu can be replaced with anything that isn't a number, it is only an example.

Orange Block Switch

There is an item called Orange Block Switch. When pressed, blocks that you set will spawn. However, setting its timer to 1e20 will cause the switch to rapidly make the ticking sound indefinitely. As well, if you set the timer to -1, the orange blocks will be intangible, meaning that you cannot touch them, you will just go through them. (


There are many more tricks, glitches, and curiosities.