Super Mario 63/Gameplay

Super Mario 63 is beautifully paced and quite forgiving, so explore the castle and explore each level on your own. Read the tips below, and consult the Walkthrough if you're stuck.

Motion tipsEdit

  • Usually you should spin the X key when falling to fall more slowly.
  • If there's a creature above you in the way of a platform, jump up and spin the X key to knock it out before trying to time the platform.
  • On horizontal moving platforms, stay close to the leading edge, it gives you more space and time to land back on the platform after jumping.
  • In general jump at the top of a platform's travel.
  • It's easier to aim falling in a straight line, so jump to a platform moving vertically rather than horizontally.
  • If you're falling, land on enemies for a bounce that breaks your fall.
  • In water, always use turbo FLUDD if you have it to zoom past pesky fish.

Tips for each landEdit

  • Always zoom out (the - key) as much as you can to see unexpected traps.
  • Always travel to the edges of the screen in case there's more land to explore. That includes the sky or ceiling!
  • If there is a line of coins in some direction, follow it!
  • Apart from some "one shot" special courses, you have multiple tasks to accomplish in each land, and the moment you get a shine sprite you exit the painting. So you don't have to get everything on each run.
  • However, getting a star coin doesn't end the level, so always grab a star coin if you see it.
  • When you re-enter a land the game remembers what FLUDDs you had enabled for it, so always grab FLUDDs when first exploring.
  • Don't grab every coin unless you're trying to set a record; only grab coins to refill your health. This is especially true underwater where coins give you air as well as health.
  • Always spin or stomp wood blocks and stone covers.