Super Mario 63/Enemies

There are many different enemies in Super Mario 63. This page will tell you what all of them do.


There are 3 sizes of Goombas: 'mini', 'normal', and 'giant'. They run over to you if you are near them, and hurt you by 1 HP by contact. Jump up on or Spin Attack (remember, use the X key) near a Goomba to kill it.


Koopas deal 1 HP of damage. They can't be killed unless if they are dropped in lava, which is not necessarily 'killing'. To 'kill' them, Jump up on them. When hit, they leave their shell behind. Nudge the shell to move it. Shells can destroy most enemies.

Flying ones require one hit from the top to lose their wings. Refer to top.


When you near Bob-Ombs, they will turn red. Use 'X' to Spin them away before the explosion harms you. Explosions deal 2 damage instead of 1.

Shy GuyEdit

Shy Guys can't be destroyed by Spinning unless they are knocked into a wall. If they are flying, you need to bounce on their head 2 times. They can also be destroyed if they crash into things or fall down heights.


Bullies ram into you. They don't do damage, but try to knock you off the platform. Spin them away to get them off your back. Big Bullies are tougher than normal.


Boos can pass through walls. They are indestructible, but you can Spin them away. If you look a Boo in the eye, it will stop chasing you.

Bullet BillEdit

Bullet Bills are shot from cannons, and follow you around until you Spin them away or jump on them.


Penguins are invincible and passive enemies. They don't do anything to hinder your progress, aside from 'accidentally' causing you to bounce in the air if you touch them. Using this fact as a exploit, they surround Star Coins or are for decoration.


Spin when in the water to destroy them. They follow you around like Bullet Bills.