Super Mario 63/Bosses

There are 12 bosses in Super Mario 63. This page documents their attacks and strategies to defeating them.

King Bob-OmbEdit

Course: Bob-Omb Battlefield
Mission: Big Bob-omb on the Summit

This king attacks by throwing Bob-Omb's (-2 HP) at your direction. He also jumps to create a white shock-wave (-1 HP) and tries to grab and throw you. To defeat him, Spin Attack his Bob-Ombs back into him by pressing the X key. He is defeated after 3 hits.

Chief ChillyEdit

Course: Snowman's Land
Mission: Chief Chilly

You'll battle Chief Chilly on an icy platform. To defeat him, Spin Attack with the X key until he falls down the platform into the lava. Do it three times. The closer he is to you, the farther you can push him. It also works to use Hover F.L.U.D.D. to push him.

Bowser (1)Edit

Course: Bowser's Trap (in the Dark World)
Mission: N/A

To attack Bowser, double jump over him to his back, face his tail and press the Down key to grab him. Then press the Left and Right keys repeatedly. Time your throw and press the C key or space bar to throw him. Shoot him at a bomb to hurt him. Hurt him three times to defeat him. He attacks with fireballs (normal ones and purple ones that bounce) and streams of fire.

Kamek (1)Edit

Course: Peach's Garden
Mission: N/A

Kamek fights by shooting 2 types of spells at you. A red-yellow-blue spell creates goombas or bob-ombs. A green-blue-black spell hurts you by explosion. There's no way to hurt him, so dodge the spells. At two points, he'll create a pipe that spawns Goombas. Eventually he'll leave and summon a Goomboss (in Peach's Garden).


Course: Peach's Garden
Mission: N/A

After Kamek gives up in Peach's Garden, he will summon Goomboss. Goomboss follows you around and sometimes leaps up in the air to slam down. Ground pound on him three times to defeat him. He grows larger with each pound, so watch out! For advanced, you can ground pound three times in a row to defeat him in a blitz. It's not easy, though. Timing is everything. If you want to pound him once, then pound him again, you have to wait until he finishes growing before doing it, or you will just pass through him.

King BooEdit

Course: Boo's Mansion
Mission: Basement Shine Sprite

King Boo appears when you attempt to grab a fake Shine Sprite in the basement. He closes the two windows in the room, making it dark. He attempts to ram you. To beat him, hit switches to open the windows, then use Turbo F.L.U.D.D. to ram him. He disappears after three hits.

Bowser (2)Edit

Course: Bowser's Second Trap (in the Old Fortress)
Mission: N/A

Bowser is defeated the same way as before, but is faster and breathes more fireballs. He also creates shockwaves when he jumps and the bombs are father off from the platform.

Big Bully (1)Edit

Course: Lethal Lava Land
Mission: The Bully's Tower

Big Bully is defeated the same way as Chief Chilly, but it's easier, since the platform isn't icy.

Kamek (2)Edit

Course: Kamek's Castle
Mission: N/A

Kamek uses the same attacks, but the course is much harder and scrolls on its own. Try to fall in lava he want's to kill you he will celebrate then press the X key to attack him. He dies at 3 hits.

Big Bully (2)Edit

Course: Kamek's Castle
Mission: N/A

Summoned by Kamek in Kamek's Castle. To defeat him, shove him into the lava like Chief Chilly and the other Big Bully. Chaser Bullet Bills are around to distract you. Like Goomboss, he grows bigger after each hit and dies after the third.

Fake BowserEdit

Course: Bowser's Castle (The Final Challenge)
Mission: N/A

The Fake Bowser rides in the Koopa Clown Car. It breathes multicolored fireballs that bounce, silver ones that make large explosions, and throws magic attacks. It will also swoop down to breathe a stream of fire. You must jump on it now. It's easiest to use Hover F.L.U.D.D., located right in the room. After three hits, it explodes, revealed to be a robot.

Bowser (3)Edit

Course: The Final Battle
Mission: N/A

Bowser uses the same attacks as the second battle, but meteors are constantly bombarding the battlefield and getting hit could easily screw you up at any time. Unlike the other fights, the bombs are floating in t.e air and there are four. When Bowser is grabbed, you fly up into the air with him and circle clockwise. A red line branches out form you and you have to line it up with a mine. After bowser is hit three times, he's gone for good.