Suomen kieli käyttöön/lukeminen

Introduction edit

The texts here will help you to understand Finnish. The texts are provided by teachers and are used to develop the learners' understanding of Finnish.

The material is sourced from an original Finnish-text article. Each Finnish-text article has a discussion page entirely in Finnish. These pages are subscribed to by people whose mother tongue is Finnish and can answer questions about the text. Please do not ask questions in English here!!

Each article can also have a number of parallel pages in the language of the learners. There pages are created and maintained entirely by the learners themselves. They record their understanding of the material and editors of these pages will often refer to the original Finnish discussion page to find answers to their questions. If they cannot find an answer to their question, they can try raising a question in the English translation article's discussion page in English, or can pose the question in Finnish on the Finnish article's Finnish discussion page.

Editing and correcting pages edit

Translation pages will, by their very nature, be incomplete until completed by the students! If you do some work on a translation article (for example by translating sections not yet translated) please publish your translation by updating the page of the book for the benefit of others!! DO NOT WORRY THAT YOUR UNDERSTANDING MAY BE WRONG!!! Others with a better understanding than you will soon discover your error and change it. If you find an error anywhere in any page, please change it immediately. If you are not certain about a change you would like to see, raise the matter in the article's discussion page.