Sunvox Tutorial/Mastering and presentation

Mastering and PresentationEdit

A tutorial on how to polish and present your work using Sunvox music software.

Tutorial objectivesEdit

Once you have completed this tutorial, you should be able to:

  • Balance sound levels using the graphic equaliser
  • Mute and Solo sound sources
  • Exporting your song
  • Choose performance options


This tutorial helps you to answer the question:

I can efficiently produce complex materials in Sunvox, but how can I get it to sound really polished?

You will take a tour through some of the options Sunvox offers for monitoring and analysing your music. You will see how you can use modules and module parameters to balance your sound, and you will learn what sound export options Sunvox offers as well as examine some live and recorded display options.

Bringing up the EQEdit

Displaying individual modules or sound streams in the EQEdit

The EQ as a guide to imbalanced soundsEdit

Compression, filters, amplifiers and the art of soundscapingEdit

Save your workEdit

Sunvox for live performersEdit

Software options for playing your .sunvox fileEdit