Sunvox Tutorial/Composition and workflow

Composition and WorkflowEdit

A tutorial on how to do be more productive in Sunvox music software.

Tutorial objectivesEdit

Once you have completed this tutorial, you should be able to:

  • Arrange patterns by icons or names
  • Differentiate copied and cloned patterns
  • Manage timing and tempo
  • Record patterns


This tutorial helps you to answer the question:

Now that I have a good idea what Sunvox can achieve, how do I make it work better for me?

You will examine some of Sunvox's features which support song and module organisation. You will also see how you can quickly copy patterns to efficiently cover a lot of musical ground. You will learn how you can tweak the timing of a song during its run, and you will learn how to record your inputs for easier rapid production.

Patterns can have names and facesEdit

Clones are identical but copies can be made to differEdit

Ticks, lines, beats and speedEdit

The record buttonEdit