Structural Biochemistry/Topical Dosage Forms


It is the semisolid preparations with various functions in serving as vehicles for topical application of medicinal agents, emollients like lubricating agents, or protectants (to prevent the skin from getting irritants). Ointment is generated for external use only, on skin or mucous membranes.


They are ointment-like preparations that is stiffer, less greasy, and absorb water better than ointments. Because of these characteristics, pastes are used to treat oozing, weeping lesions by applying externally.


semisolid emulsions with medical agents. Use externally only.


Finely divided, solid medicine used for external application. Some certain powdered drugs are used for asthma patients.


Preparation for external used only. It consists of 2 phases: a solid internal phase diffused throughout a viscous liquid phase

Transdermal Patches:Edit

Will deliver a constant, controlled dose of medication being absorbed into the blood stream by adhering to the patient’s skin. The most commonly used are nitroglycerin, scopolamine, nicotine, estrogen, and fentanyl patches. Warning: clean with alcohol. Repeating applications to the same site many time may cause irritation.


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