Structural Biochemistry/Ophthalmic dosage forms

Ophthalmic drops:Edit

It is the sterile solutions that are instilled into the eyes 2 drops at a time for each eye, the amount of time the drug makes contact with the eye is extremely short. Patients instill multiple medicated eyedrops should wait 5 minutes between instillations.

Opthalmic ointments:Edit

Opthalmic ointments are used for instilling into the eye. Theirs characteristic as a sterile emulsions give them the ability to stay contact with the eyes for a longer time period than ophthalmic drops.

Warning: eyesight becomes blur after usage so patients should only use this drug at bedtime only.

Medicated contact lenses:Edit

Must be pre-soaked with medication prior to inserting into the eye; its advantages are providing controlled-release and longer contact of the drug with the eye.

Used for certain antibiotics like tetracycline and chloramphenicol.

Ocular Inserts:Edit

Drug is placed in the lower eye sac between the sclera and the eyelid. Its advantages is providing a longer contact time between the drug and the eyes, control the amount of medication released into the eyes. Need to be pre-soaked prior to usage.


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