Structural Biochemistry/H and E

H and E staining

H and E staining is a acidophlic, basocphilic staining method. This means that there is a component of an acid and a component that contains a base within this staining method. Basophilic, meaning something that likes bases. Therefore acids would react to this such as nucleic acids. Acidophlic meaning proteins that are in the cytoplasm would react to acidic dyes because they like acids or negatively charged molecules. In this case H, which stands for hematoxylin is a basic dye, this means that it is positively charged and stains acidic structures such as nucleic acids. Hence, following this Eosin would be acidic and would then stain any structures that are basic. Eosin stains the bases with a pink color and hematoxylin stains the acids with a purple color.